From Dunning’s mother

It is tough on a parent to go thru this after the excitement and a feeling that your son has finally reached his dream.

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This really sucks.


As a parent, I don’t blame her at all for what she wrote. First, it is addressed to her child and is a letter of support.

I also have to say, that even I, perhaps one of Muss’ biggest supporters, have had questions surrounding Barry. Someday, well into the future, perhaps a story will come out about what happened (if anything) between the European basketball pre-season tour and games, and the start of the 2022/23 basketball season. Barry received lots of public praise from Muss and staff during that trip about both his play and his effort.

Barry seemingly went from “Golden boy” to “persona non grata”. It could be nothing other than Barry just didn’t show any further development and improvement during all pre-season practices and continuing for the rest of the season. Anyway, he ended up with by far the fewest games played and minutes of all the scholarship players.


I’ve never understood why a person converses with family members on social media.

Why not speak to them in person or call or text them?


Barry seemed like a fine young man. I was always concerned when Alabama and Auburn never offered him. I’m just not sure Barry was a power 5 player. Hopefully he lands somewhere that he can get lots of playing time like Chance Moore did.

Also who’s minutes would you have given Barry this year?

mahkel and jalen.

So Barry was going to play the 5? I doubt that.


She’s showing public support for her son. I’m sure converses with him regularly outside of Twitter.


I try not to comment unless I know all the facts. I do know one thing if Jeremy says he is a really good kid then he is. However, that’s not what a scholarship is based on. PJ loves to keep things stirred up by posting things like this. Did something happen between Dunning and the coaches? Will we ever know? Probably not!

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Auburn was the first Power 6 team to offer Barry on June 20, 2019. Bama was the 2nd on June 28, 2019. “Courtesy of 247 composite”.

It was reported that he told both schools that he wanted to play out of state (true?). He did visit South Alabama, because it is in Mobile, the town where Barry lived. He had other Power 6 offers from OM, LSU, and GA Tech and also an offer from Memphis.


Big time Jeremy:! I am still salty about it!


I wonder if there was obvious development in any of our newbies this past season. It’s just such a new era; I’m not sure what to expect from one season to the next - other than sweet 16s.

There is so much more I want to say about this, but since none of it paints Muss in a favorable light, I am going to hold my tongue.:rage:

All I will say is, the man who made the biggest difference in my life
(outside of my family), Nolan Richardson, NEVER would have done this to a sterling young man like Barry Dunning.

I hope Helen Dunning reads the board. If she does, I would like to say, “ma’am, there are many of us who are sick about this and will truly, truly miss Barry. From someone who got to spend a little time with him, what a fantastic young man you raised.”

For all of you on this board wondering why this one kid has me so upset, do a little research into what kind of citizen Barry Dunning has always been in his community.
This is a huge loss, and no one will EVER tell me he had no talent or was un-coachable.


Dude didn’t have enough hair, tats or piercings. Gotta have these things to excel at this level.


Do you hold your tongue due to Barry’s relative ability to defend well in Muss’s system? Scorers with little defensive capability last year didn’t play too much. Will scorers, like Graham, who lose their man repeatedly on defense play any more minutes next year? Maybe these things play into a guys decision to leave.

There is nobody like Nolan. All his players were part of his family, even walk-ons like Scott Rose. I remember he used to tell recruit’s parents “give me your boy and I will send a man back to you” or something like that.


I don’t believe this has anything to do with defense, Fred. Did you meet Barry in Hawaii? When I did, it was, “yes sir, no sir.” He struck me as the kind of leader you build a team around…whether he was the best player or not.
The other kids loved him.

Muss saw something shiny he liked, and Barry became disposable.
I want to win as bad as anybody, but I absolutely despise this s$%t.


Jeremy, I love you man but you better think back. Several players left during the time Nolan was our coach and yes they were encouraged. Warren Linn, Michael Hogue and Phillip McKellar to name three. Nolan was and is an honest man and told them the facts. Did Muss talk to Dunning? I only hope so.


Jerry, I love you too, but I don’t have a selective memory. Coach NEVER ran off anyone he recruited that wanted to stay. Actually, he found, and made players out of, kids nobody else wanted…or gave up on.

I managed Warren Linn…played all 4 years.

Michael Hogue…I honestly don’t know why he left the team, but I find it notable that he attended the INVITATION ONLY reception to the unveiling of Nolan Richardson Court.

Phillip McKellar…before my time, but I do know that he transferred to ASU.

All I do know, for sure, is, every single time there is an opportunity for anyone who ever even sparingly played for The Bear has a chance to honor him, they come in droves.
As they should.

I know times are different, but I don’t have to like it. I meet so many young people these days who make me question the future of our country.
Barry Dunning most definitely was not one of those people. Coach Richardson would have loved him, and I, for one, and going to miss him.

Barry filmed a video that you can find on YouTube showing him riding around in a car being interviewed about how much he loved being a Razorback. He did not leave because he wanted to.

Muss can be great at his job and sometimes be, let’s say, a less than nice person. The 2 things are not mutually exclusive. Better him than me. I don’t sleep well at night, and I hope after decisions like this, he doesn’t either.


I seem to recall that Nolan cleared out the Scott kid from Wynne and Jay Crain after that bad first year to free up scholarships for new signees. I think Crain stayed at the UA and finished his degree. He just didn’t play basketball any more.