From Clay's sitdown with Hunter Yurachek

Yurachek touches on a number of items, including games in Little Rock and Dallas, and renovations to Bud Walton Arena and Baum Stadium. … ad-and-ad/

Loved the article, Clay

Thanks for the article!

Thanks Clay.

Was there any discussion of renaming the court or the”slobbering hog”?

I did not ask about the slobber hog.

Great read Clay. It appears our new AD understands connecting with our fans. Doiing an interview with a respected writer like you shows he understands the importance of a personal touch.

Thanks Clay. Another great insight only found here.

Does this mean you will ask him about this at some point and also tell us how he feels about renaming the basketball court? Sounds like there could be a follow on piece.

I’m sure I’ll talk to him about some of that stuff in the future. Not sure when. He is not opposed to me dropping by his office anytime. Good guy. I bet I see him at baseball this next week.

Excellent piece, Clay. I have been hesitant to get too excited about the new AD and coach but after attending the Red White and Blue game and reading this article, I am impressed. Yes, I added “Blue” to the name of the scrimmage in honor of the color of most of the body parts of us faithful fans who were wet and frozen to the metal benches at War Memorial stadium. It was weird, brutal and somehow satisfying. Maybe years from now the Red White and Blue scrimmage of 2018 may stand to signify a pivotal moment in Razorback football history. I hope so.

Those that came to Saturday’s scrimmage are special fans.