From Chicago to Fayetteville, Lewis defied odds


That is an excellent article! I’m happy this young man was able to see a different type of life than the southside of Chicago and make changes. Praying for continued success on the field and life!!


Yes, proud for the young man!!

Great article Richard! What a story of life by this kid…man I hope he does well on the field but more importantly in life! I’ll be watching for him this fall


One of your best RD! Really pulling for Taylor and look for him to have a great season

wow, RD, that was a great story! pulling for the young man. how long did it take for you to research and write that? and when do you sleep, lol, you are pumping out the articles


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He’s the young man I was referring to when posting this recently.


Welcome aboard big fellow, wishing you the very best!! Great story RD. WPS

Great story. A few heroes in that story. Kevin Sabo and the coaching staff at College of the Canyons. Taylor probably wouldn’t still be on this earth without them.

I will be rooting big time for Taylor Lewis (and his mother) this season!


I’m communicating with Kevin today. I told him thanks for making a difference in Taylor’s life. He said he loves Taylor like a son.


Richard, one of your best.
Hope to see young Mr. Lewis become a leader on the field and off. Hope he excels at the highest level in college football by playing at Arkansas in the SEC. Stay out of south Chicago.

Thanks for the excellent article, Richard. I’m really pulling for the young man to have continued success with his life and football!

What a great story Richard. I’ve spent a good deal of time on the south side of Chicago. Rough is an understatement. He will be welcomed with open arms on the hill.

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Great story, Richard.

Young men like Taylor are part of the reason I hope college football never gives up on the attempt to have student-athletes in favor of the Club model. Who knows what will happen, or whether he will even contribute during his time as a Hog, but he has an opportunity to change the trajectory of his life in ways he could never accomplish in two years on a Club team.


That’s a very emotional article and life situation that could have ended up very badly.
Very proud of this young man and he definitely came to the right place and HC to guide him on further.
Welcome aboard Taylor.


Gosh RD….one of your best ones yet!!! You weren’t kidding and so proud of this young man for staying the course because clearly it wasn’t easy and there were many times he could go on the wrong path. This young man has an opportunity to continue to thrive here and get an education and degree and possibly a chance at NFL and then use that to help kids in South Chicago!!

Great stuff RD, well done sir!!!


Exactly what Megan and I was saying this morning. Taylor could’ve easily made a wrong decision to where he’s not with us now.

Have to give Sabo a ton of credit. He helped change Taylor’s life.


I was able to check with a source during vaca and see how Taylor was doing this summer. I was told he’s very agile. The source has been very impressed with his athleticism.

JC DL can be hit and miss. Sure pulling for Taylor.

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