From Chad Morris' media coaching clinic

Scottie wrote this from the coaching clinic this morning. There are a couple of videos embedded. We’ll add the whole event, but those are big files and are taking a while to upload. … a-coachin/

I can’t imagine most of our previous HCs doing a clinic like this. Two in particular.

One of the attendees asked COACH about a certain individual/program…asking if he was familiar. Coach immediately responded, “Oh yeah” and paid the program compliments. Didn’t catch the name of the coach/program…?

The question referenced former Gregory-Portland coach Ray Akins, a legend in Texas high school football and Drew Brees’ grandfather. Akins passed away the day after Christmas last year.

Yesterday reminded me a little of something I’ve heard Chad say on a couple of occasions: “If you want to talk ball, we can talk ball all day long.”

I think he went a lot longer that he meant to go. At one point he said he had about 10 more minutes, 30 minutes before he ended. Later he said he had a couple of minutes left, about 20 minutes before he ended.

I thought it was the most comfortable setting that I have seen him in since he took the job. He is clearly in his element breaking down game and practice film.

That is why I have little doubt that he’s a good coach. His pitfall, if there will be one, may be the administrative part of being a head coach in the SEC, an animal unlike any other in college football. Personally, I think he’ll do just fine because he has the drive to succeed. His downfall won’t be because he doesn’t know the game. Spending time helping the media understand the game cannot do anything but help his rapport with them.

Appreciate, Scottie :wink:

A lot of great teaching there especially for a beginner coach or a player…

This won’t be popular and I’m not going to argue it.

I know everyone is all excited about Chad Morris. That is everyone except me.

I don’t see it. I have heard all the lines.

Clemson. Clemson got better after he left.

He can recruit Texas. June Jones classes were ranked higher ar smu than Chad Morris’. Arkansas is currently 13 of 14 in the SEC. He better get going. Even looking at avg player ranking Arkansas is 11. Not good. We’re no longer competing with the Mississippi schools for recruits. We’re now competing with Vanderbilt and mizzu(14 of 14 currently).

Turned smu around. Not so much. June’s last 5 years he won 8 7 8 7 5. Interim coach goes 0 for. Morris won 2 4 7. I hardly see that as rebuilding or smu was a dumpster fire.

Morris won 38% of his games in the American Athletic Conference. Some how everyone is convinced that he’s going to have the answer for the SEC. I find that very hard to believe.

The University was convinced they could get Malzhan. Made some bad decisions. See $30 million in buyouts. Morris was most likely the 4th to 6th choice.

Statistically changing coaches doesn’t help in year 1. Year 2 or 3 is when progress is shown if ever.

This team should be improved this year without a coaching change for a few reasons: 1) 70+% of rushing and receiving yards last year were by underclassmen 2) injuries— maybe the 5 best players in the team missed significant time with injuries— Raleigh Williams,Allen, Ragnow, and Cornelius(not counting chase Hayden) on offense. Ryan Pulley on defense.

This whole thing has looked bad from the beginning.

Oh well in 3 or 4 years we’ll be looking for Morris’ replacement.