From Baton Rouge paper

“They’re better than us right now," Johnson said. “They’re a better program and a better team, so we’re going to have to play clean baseball and beat them. That’s good at-bats, good pitching and good defense.”

The writer of the story apparently don’t watch the game or do any homework prior to putting this in print. Jacob Berry didn’t field the ball that got Wallace at the plate in the first inning! The ball was hit to Money the pitcher and he threw to Berry who threw to the plate!

Kudos to him for admitting where they are right now, no trying to come up with excuses he was just very honest.

Actually it’s a her

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He was referring to the coach’s comments, not the author.

Thanks for the link. I really hate sites like this. It says, subscribe or turn off your ad blocker. Turn off, refresh, read 2 paragraphs, warning subscribe or turn off, refresh, read 2 paragraphs, warning, refresh, repeat, repeat, repeat.

My bad
I couldn’t get the entire article to load

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I was talking about the LSU coach being honest

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