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I only eat chicken on Sunday. For some reason Chick-Fill-A is never open when I want to eat chicken. :grinning::grinning::grinning::grinning:

You a preacher?

I agree, and I’ve had at least a dozen of them over the last year. But the KFC contender is very similar in size and quality. If you like the Popeye’s sandwich, I can virtually guarantee you’ll like the KFC sandwich.

Not a fan of Chick fil A? I was actually kidding with the post. I like them but in my Q&As with kids c=Chick fil A shows up a lot for favorite fast food.

Had Popeye’s. Not bad.

Will be trying KFC’s soon.

Nope, definitely not a fan of CFA

I think taste wise they’re the best.

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I have to give Popeyes the win on their sandwich. Like their spicy chicken and spicy tenders as well as their sides.

CFA has a yum-yum sauce that I love and may be the reason my grandkids love CFA.

I have a ton of accumulated points on my CFA app

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No doubt they have the best “regular” chicken sandwich. I haven’t eaten at one since the inside dining was closed, not worth the wait in line.

My, how this thread has drifted off course, lol. If y’all are gonna make it about fried chicken, don’t forget Monte Ne Chicken in Rogers. Only my mom does it better.


Just developed a new appreciation for Chic-Fil-A! All these fans can’t be wrong and the detractors, forget about them!

Yeah, no doubt about Monte Ne, we’re talking about fast casual chicken, lol.

Oh I know, but anytime fried chicken is brought up, my mind just naturally drifts to the perfect little hole in the wall chicken joint on the banks of the mighty Beaver.

Y’all have made me miss our Saturday morning baseball tailgates. Someone would always go to Chick-fil-a and get a tray of the minis. I like 'em, but I know someone who thinks they have too much garlic.

Chick-fil-A is the best fast food restaurant especially for Chicken. I eat there at least once per day. Others are trying to duplicate their sandwich but what they fail to realize is that people don’t eat there just because of the food. McDonalds has tried to serve their sandwich with pickles on it and the same packaging. Very lame and lazy by them. I will eat at Sonic when there is not a Chick-fil-A around. The chicken slinger isn’t a bad alternative, in a pinch…especially with CFA sauce on it.

Chic-fil-A right here by the house so I can’t knock it. Popeyes occasionally for the spicy breast and red beans n rice. Slim Chickens has great service and a fresh taste.KFC…ehhh not so much anymore and about five or six miles away.

I can’t believe how far this thread has gone off the rails. Apparently everyone loves Chick fil A, including me. Can you imagine how much money they could make if they were open Sunday?

Not so sure about that jeremy. I managed supermarkets when all were closed on Sunday’s. When we began opening on Sunday, sales and profits didn’t increase at all. Just spread out sales. Regardless the Cuck-Fil-A folks have deep faith which is remarkable in these days. I have high respect for them.