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who’s been spot on in the past.

Told me Muss had informal conversations with two former NBA players who played for him for the open assistant spot. As noted previously, he’s also had conversations about the job with Anthony Ruta and Earl Boykins. He also talked with a former Nevada assistant coach.

Players are working out daily. No big surprise there.
Justin Smith and Jimmy Whitt are in town working out.

They won’t start practices until the start of summer school in late May.


Whitt will be on the Arkansas team along with Barford and Qualls that plays in ESPN’s The Basketball Tournament. I am sure he is working out for that.

Justin Smith should be in town. Isn’t he in school? Or did he quit school at the end of the season?

FYI, on graduate transfers, almost all of that is on-line. Justin Smith could do his school work anywhere and might in fact have already finished his on-line classes. I was told by the grad transfer QBs (Hicks and Starkel) that they did all of their work on-line when they arrived at Arkansas and never stepped foot in a class.

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Due to C19, almost all of the classes this academic year have been on line.


Yes, and many of the grad classes have been on-line for quite some time. My daughter is taking some grad classes (not at UA) and it’s all on-line and has been for a couple of years.

Justin does not have to be in Fayetteville, but chooses to be.


Thanks. I should know all classes are virtual right now. Heck we talk about that whenever my Engineering Council group meets.

But this also means after the Baylor game, the players went home.

I am sure some did for a few days, but a lot of the must be here because they are showing up at other Arkansas sporting events.

Especially the ones who will be returning next season.

I keep seeing tweets/Instagram of Devo working out at the practice facility, in addition to going to games at Baum-Walker.

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The fact that Justin chooses to stay and prep for his future here is very telling. To me it shows the value of what Muss and the program brought to him. And, maybe, he just likes it here. :grinning:

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In addition to what Muss brings, having state of the art Performance Center to train in may have a lot to do with it.

Free housing/food is nice too I’d imagine.

Need a safe gym (lifting area) with proper supervision. The facilities are awesome. Who knows what he’s find elsewhere right now?

Chick fil-A is down the street. What else do you need?


For it to open to inside dining. I sometimes can’t make a right hand turn off of Razorback Rd in the mornings because cars are lined up on MLK, trying to get in the lot.

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Hmmmm. The one where I live in Rogers has opened to inside dining, but I don’t know if that’s been done everywhere. Ours is still overwhelmingly drive-thru customers, I’d say.

I was in Fayettville last week and got caught in that line of cars twice. Smart folk stay in the outside lane.

Chick-fil-a is great. But if you haven’t tried it yet, the new KFC chicken sandwich is excellent…huge chicken breast on a bun. Fairly priced ($3.99).

Give it a try and tell me how you like it.

Doesn’t have to replace Chick-fil-a…just give you an alternative.

Personally, I like to rotate my chicken meals between (in no particular order) Chick-fil-a, KFC, Chicken Express, Golden Chick, Raising Canes…and every now and then, I’ll get the chicken planks and fried shrimp combo at Long John Silvers. All of them are a little bit different, and a lot alike as well. Oh…and I like the chicken sandwich at Popeyes…not the regular chicken so much, but the sandwich is good, and so are their sides.

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I don’t do Chick-fil-A. Ever. Good to know the Colonel has come up with a decent chicken sandwich.

I’m an extra crispy guy myself, but I also rotate between KFC, Popeye’s, Church’s and an NC-based chain, Bojangles, which has one Arkansas location in Blytheville. I’ve also tried to go to Zaxby’s recently but the drive-thru lines are so long I give up and go somewhere else; I don’t like them enough to sit in my car 30 minutes to get their food.

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Popeyes chicken sandwich is huge and great, with a side of red beans and rice! Don’t knock it til you try it. It’s liberating.

If you like a little heat, try the Slim Chickens cayenne ranch sandwich. But I think the Popeyes sandwich is the best.

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