From a scale of 1 to 10

How desirable is the Arkansas job right now?

How desirable is it when the program is it it normal times?

When asked this morning, I said Arkansas is about a six right now with eight as the potential of the program.

Depends on who sees it as the great opportunity it is.

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I’d say 5 right now, but in terms of level to meet fan acceptance 10, the bar is low right now.

In terms of the program in normal times- also agree with 8

Coaches probably know they will have a hard, to near impossible route of winning a national championship, but 8 wins on average, with a 9 and 10 here and there they’d be here for as long as they want, plus a big pay check isn’t too bad.

I’d say 7 or 8. It’s in the SEC, has great facilities, & can pay huge amounts. However, the chance for winning or contending within the next 4 years is bleak. If the top jobs (OU, Alabama, UGA, Ohio St, etc) are 10 & those just below them are 9, I’d say the most we can call ourselves is an 8. 7 is probably more accurate.

I’ll go high 4 or low 5 on it now.

I’ll take 7 when it is going with years of 8-9.

Obviously very few 9-10 seasons at Arkansas.

The last hire was a total botch by the administrative system doing the hiring.

I’d say 5’ish right now but I believe it could be a 10 job. It has been before. Our other sports have been as well. I hate when people bemoan the state of Arkansas and what we have to offer. We may not have as much tradition as some but we have tradition and our fan base is as good as they come when it comes to supporting our winning teams. I know you asked about football but ask coaches out there if they don’t think our baseball program is a 10 job, or our basketball program having the potential to be a 10 job, or track, or golf, or soccer. Geez. We have the potential and the resources to be as strong as anyone.

Where would each of you have rated it at the end of the 2011 season, when we ended the season as #5 in the country with an 11-2 record? That gave us a 2 year record of 21-5! That’s just 8 years ago. Why, all of a sudden does everyone believe we cannot get there again? I say bull crap. Hire the right coach, who hires the right assistants and it clearly can be done again. It also can be done and be more stable than it was at the end of BP’s 4 year run.

geez, way too much “poor ol Arkie” just can’t do it in this thread. So, we made 2 bad coaching hires. This time let’s go out and hire the right coach and get it done.

We are coming off the 2 worst consecutive seasons in Razorback football history, so yes it will be difficult and may take 5 years instead of the 4 years it took BP. But recent history has shown it Can Be Done.

Because of the above, I believe this current job is still a 7, and we can get to a 10, in 4 or 5 years with the right coach.

Good post Hogq.

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Correct answer. What was the desire # for CEM?

Harley, I agree with your post 100%. People have said the SEC is tougher now, in 2010-11, Auburn won NC they came to Fayetteville the next year we beat them, at one time top 3 teams in polls were SEC we were #3. We get a good coach we can be there again.

No where to go but up and that in a weird way attracts some coaches. Additionally after all the coaching changes a new coach might think they cannot afford to quickly fire the next guy. This is a good opportunity for a guy wanting to prove himself but a bad situation for an established coach who has already experienced success. Dream job for the right type of coach but a job that will likely not attract the successful experienced top level coach. (7)

Right now a 4 b/c our brand has really been tarnished and we are so far behind talent wise…in our Really competitive yrs I say 9 when we are good our fan base is as good as any and we have incredible facilities… nobody really wants to play us.

The u of a is like low hanging fruit, there for the picking, who ever takes this job really needs to have coaching ability and know how to get the most out of their players. A lot of slick talk will not garner results, going to need a hands on,someone to get down in the trenches, and inspire the guys to play harder. Get the ball rolling and someone will have a premier coaching job, living in Northwest Arkansas, top shelf facilities, attainable top 20 pay, parting the Red Sea when ever they go out, the run of the state. All you have to do is work and lead, which has to be part of their DNA.

I’m gonna give it a 6.5 because of the play on the field, but the facilities, support and the proof that you can recruit and win here tack on the .5.

I’d give it a 6 with the potential to be a 9. Currently there are 130 D1 football teams and I’d say 60% of those coaches would jump to Arkansas in a minute.

When you break it down to P5 schools I’d say it’s closer to a 4 with a top out of 7.

I say today is a 3. There has been one recruiting class in the last 3 or so yrs and probably will not be one this yr. How many of that one class will be here in Aug? There are no as in 0 SEC Linemen in a LOS league. Going to be a very long, difficult pull.

Potentially, it can be an 8 or 9. I remember one person telling me it is difficult to buy food with potential.

I think the transfer portal softens the blow of a lowly recruiting class. Gives you a do over.

Based on that assessment Dudley, I’d call Arkansas a stepping stone job.

The exception to that would be getting someone who was not only capable of getting to 8-9 wins, but would stay at Arkansas for other reasons…family, history,…something.

If we don’t hire someone with at least some staying potential…this carousel of up-and-comers unproven at the SEC /P5 level will continue.

I’ll take who we can get regardless of the above, but I fully expect for this carousel to go on unless one of those in the unproven category and with staying qualities rises up and becomes a winner in the lions den.

I see an 8 at least! From a coaches standpoint.The challenge & potential is enormousl. The fan base is unbelievable and the environment beautiful and very promising. I suppose it all depends on what a person is really searching for to find fulfillment.

Isn’t Eddie Sutton the only HC that has left Arkansas for a bigger job in the two revenue sports? He and Broyles weren’t on te the best of terms either.

Bret was probably the biggest name to go from one Power 5 school to another.

While the Arkansas job isn’t a Texas, Florida, LSU, Georgia or USC, it’s still a top 15-20 job.