From a recruit's perspective

how do our facilities stack up against others in the SEC and nationwide? I am not talking about the stadiums (stadia?); rather, weight room, player’s lounge, entertainment areas, locker room - essentially things that would draw in the recruits.

I think Arkansas’ football center is top notch, but I think the TV money has ensured that just about every major football team has a center that is comparable. It’s hard to set yourself apart in that regard.

All things are pretty equal with TV money - even Mizzou will catch up in 5 years

Winning - winning big games

Winning in prime time

Winning against teams that bring college game day

Winning games that grab the national attention

Winning and the promise of winning

That brings recruits to round out Arkansas roster

Winning keeps Arkansas talent home


That brings recruits - otherwise

Your going over the dents and dings store looking for serviceable and durable despite the shortcomings

Same place my wife found me :slight_smile: