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It’s good to see you Tusk3!

Thanks for the informative post. It certainly offers a way to handle the fake injuries fairly.

It’s pretty simple to me. If a player is too hurt to get off the field then he needs to go to the locker room and be evaluated and the doc needs to prepare a medical report for the injury complained of, diagnosis and treatment and if that can’t be done during the game then the player is out the rest of the game. Player safety is so important and if these players just suddenly fall to the ground then maybe they need an MRI.

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So glad he wasn’t teaching players in hog uniforms this. But pretty crazy a player would support it. They need some dignity too!

The doc with the license that did the medical evaluation. HIPAA? Don’t need to know medical diagnosis just opinion of injured or not.

Wrong choice of word. Something absolutely “can” be done.

Wait until drink does it to Saban.

We all know there are different types of injuries. It is not as simple as “player needed help off the field” vs “left the field under his own power” type designations.

You want to avoid punishing the player who jams a finger or rolls an ankle. How many times have we held our breath when a Hog gets up slow, limping, and by the time they have walked back to the huddle the limp is gone?

“A player leaving the field due to injury must remain on the sideline until one of these conditions has been met: start of a new quarter (ie, had a 3-min TV timeout to be checked out), three plays, or a change of possession (often has a TV timeout; players rarely play both ways…only exclusion would be a special teams injury).”

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I don’t see it as punishing. I see it as protecting. He’s injured. Sit and let’s look at it. When we know all is good. You can go back in. We are just lengthening the process to determine that all is good. Remember the distinction is not necessarily just an injured player, but one that can’t get off the field on his own. So jammed fingers and limpers wouldn’t be affected.

Does the league hire independent Dr’s to oversee and confirm or not what the teams medical staffs diagnose?

Never. Not sure league really cares.

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