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Someone affiliated with officiating SEC football has given me some insight on the growing trend of faking injuries and what to do about it. The competition committee is reviewing some ideas on how to officiate the problem that was in great evidence last season.

I am told that there is relief that Gus Malzahn is no longer in the league because he was a big problem with this rule. There was no doubt among officials that Malzahn abused the rule with players told to go down with fake injuries in many cases.

Officials were not given any tools to handle the violations and were actually scared of it because of the possibility of being sued if there was in fact an injured player.

Steve Shaw prepared video for officials to review after the season that showed fake injuries by quite a few teams (and yes, the Missouri coach using it was part of the video).

Officials carry $1 million liability insurance and that probably wouldn’t cover it if they really did get sued.

One of the thoughts on how to handle it in the future would be to have the league office review games and suspend players (like in targeting) for the next game. And, coaches have suggested that a guilty player miss an entire series during the game being played.

I don’t know that either rule is going to be put in place by the competition committee, but it’s at least going to be part of the discussion (and that may be next week).


Bravo! Head coaches teaching that stuff should be penalized as well. It’s horrible sportsmanship.


That would make sense. It prevents missing a real injury and punishes the fakers.

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How about a player which leaves the game due to injury can’t return until after two completed full quarters?


Teaching kids to cheat speaks volumes about the character of the coach.


Probably the only way to do it really. In real time, could be easily missed and adding more replays would just delay things. That being said, I’m all for said delay if it keeps cheaters at bay.

Whew. Missing two quarters because you got the wind knocked out of you and had to miss a play. Seems harsh




Other than winning football games, replacing good assistants with poor assistants and losing recruiting opportunities due to poor judgement I thought Bret was a pretty good guy. This shows I was wrong.

They fixed that rule. We have discussed that. They need to fix the players faking injury rule, too.


One option would be to do away injury timeouts and charge a timeout to the team of the injured player. Give each team 2 more time outs per half. If a team is out of timeouts, then a delay of game penalty in called.

I like this. And, it’s not just about “the guilty”; it’s a way to assure the poor player is not hurt and healthy to go back in…the next time they play offense or defense.


I detest Malzahn. His poor sportsmanship go back before he was ever a college coach.

Who’s to make the guilty call?
Will the guilty get more convincing to be not guilty.

Malhzan & Drinko May Coach em up in that area.


Discussed the fake injury subject with my brother in law former NFL supervisor now head of training and development of new and current NFL officials. Once a SWC/B12 official prior to NFL career on the field and current position.
The NFL reviews every injury in every game. Medical personnel for each team must verify to the league if the injury is legit. Pace of play is monitored as well and injuries are taken seriously. If a player is faking it and medical personnel lies about it, both parties can be suspended and fined, and medical personnel could be terminated. NFL reviews every play involving an injury. Faking is not tolerated. Very hard to do in real time, however games are not stopped due to an alleged cramp allowing medical personnel to massage on the field. Alleged injured player is carried off and injury must be verified by medical personnel.
Key points are pace of play and injuries are taken seriously and faking will not be tolerated. Steve Shaw needs to set a new standard for the NCAA regarding this issue. Not sure he has the will to do it based on my knowledge of him as the former SEC head of officiating. This would require the SEC commissioner Sankey to implement this as league policy. Drink is the new perpetrator of abusing this fake injury pattern and he learned it from Malzahn. Happened in our game this past year.

I am skeptical anything can be done.

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Seems there has to be punishment for the coach. Otherwise, I can see a player being ordered to fake an injury but refusing, to preserve his own integrity and possible eligibility, which puts him in the coach’s doghouse.

Very informative Tusk3 and welcome to the board btw.
I have noticed when these allegedly fake injuries occur, (in college of course), it’s at critical moments at end of half or regulation. Doesn’t seem to be much reviewing how it happened unless it’s obvious serious injury and the player is noticeably in pain & carted off. Otherwise he gets up on his own will walks off slowly with help. Then on to the next play.

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