From a central Arkansas sports radio station

They said this afternoon that Muss tweeted (or some other source of communication) that he and Darrell had communicated about a game to replace Tulsa, but couldn’t find a date that worked for both them and the Hogs. He also said he’d contacted other Arkansas schools, but didn’t find any mutual dates. Said he was still working on finding a replacement for the Tulsa game.

I think that’s accurate. Walker and Muss are friends. ASU has two games already scheduled this week not that I’m in favor of playing them.

I’m pretty sure we are trying to find someone within driving distance. No plane rides if possible.

Only 80 4 year schools within a 200 mile radius of Fayetteville, have to have the bravado of BYU to find a game and fly out the whole kitten kaboodle to whatever destination. Surely finals will also be impacting this potential choice.

BYU had that “Bravado” bc they were trying to find a way into the Bowl Championship playoff. They needed another win against a ranked opponent to have any shot, which is why they were willing to fly across the country on short notice for the opportunity.

They found out Sunday morning about the cancellation. Muss and staff had to scramble and did. The other in state schools fell thru. Anyone who thinks we can just pluck any team out of mid air and decide to schedule them this late is just speculating.

Yes. It further complicates it when most schools have a full NCAA sanctioned schedule. You not only have to find a school available this week, but they must have previously missed a game due to Covid or something else.

Get on a plane if need be. That should not stop them. Hard to find a team to play on short notice, but if there is one on the E or W Coast, go for it.

Actually Muss said today that found out about it Saturday night after the game and got to work on it right then

You also have to match covid protocols.

Southern’s players are getting several tests and have to pass those or the replacement game would be postponed as well.

It still didn’t give them much time Dudley. Some folks think all you have to do is load up on a plane and fly somewhere and play. It’s not that simple!

I have not yet seen that Muss was willing to travel.

I have no idea if he was willing to travel or not. I’ve never heard if, when he talked to Darrell, he discussed a home or away game. Or any other teams he talked to.

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