Froholdt playing well for Cleveland tonight

Former Hog OL Hjalte Froholdt is with the Cleveland browns and has been used primarily as a blocking back in their heavy package but got a start at RG last week when they’re all pro guard got injured… he has played very well tonight against Cincinnati


Good for him, love to see those Hogs do well at the next level. WPS

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He shows a lot of versatility, that’s for sure.

I remember when we got him and it seems like his coach in Europe said He could play anywhere, offensive line, defensive line, heck give him the ball down on the goal line or something like that.

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The game was on while I was rowing in the gym last night. That’s about the only exposure I get to the NFL these days. I was really happy for him. He seemed to be playing well, as the Browns totally dominated the Bengals.

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Chubb was making yards right behind Hjalte


yep,he did a good job.

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It’s a huge deal for him and Denmark. He’s a very proud Dane.

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