Frisco Classic, Nebraska vs Arkansas

Game time is still unknown. OSU and Arizona are tied in the 9th.

The Razorback game will begin 35 minutes after the conclusion of OSU/Zona.

How does CST have the right to black out the games that aren’t in their footprint ?? Happens every year in LR

… has now lasted nearly an hour and 15 minutes and has nearly 20 minutes left. :lol:

It seems that Little Rock may be in their footprint. The state of Arkansas seems to be.

I’m still ticked that you must be a Cox subscriber to get the game. (I have DirecTV.)

We’re in red stick with dish, so no TV , radio, or for this game stats. Can you post some?

Sure, no problem. I never know whether anyone wants the info.

You can listen on a couple of apps, if those are available: Arkansas Gameday and iHeart radio (92.1 The Ticket in Fayetteville).

Little Rock can’t be in their footprint they’re not even offered here

I was happy that I am watching the game in WatchESPN. My understanding was It was going to be blacked out on the app if you lived in a area served by Cox. Maybe it’s a mistake, but I am watching it in the app on my smart TV

That’s not fair. It’s blacked out here on my Amazon Fire Stick WatchESPN app.

Grand Slam for Koch!!

11-2 Hogs!

End of the 5th Inning