***Friendly discussion with my Hog Family and the Mods***

I believe Connor Noland to be an exceptional talent. I expect him to be much better come the start of next season. Who he is today is not who he will be for the remainder of his college career. I would rather groom the young qbs and get some linemen, as many as we can. No matter how gifted the qb, they cant pass when they are running for their life.

but is Jalen Hurt wants to transfer to Arkansas, I will change my tune.

Pretty much feel the same way, unless it is a Jalen Hurts who we know for a fact is an exceptional talent, I too think we are gambling with what’s left out there at this time. Grad Trans or Juco. Until Jalen chooses AR, we go with what we have.

Well, he prepared to be disappointed then, we won’t sign anyone in the early period, but as guys announce after the bowl season, I think we’ll go after someone. Morris didn’t go all in on Bryant because he was set on the current roster.

Won’t be disappointed if Morris gets it right. The new QB is the result of a winning season next year.