Friday's Razorback Elite Passing Academy camp

I mistakenly put these names in the Hog Wild camp post.

some impressive QBs are here.

2022 Scott Pfieffer of Edmond Santa Fe

2021 Lucas Coley of Converse,(Texas) Judson- Louisiana, Sam Houston State

2021 Nate Yarnell of Lake Travis- Houston, Tulsa offers

2020 WR Case Savage of Highland Park

2020 WR Benjamin Smith of Highland Park

Other notables:

2021 QB Jakob Foss of Huntsville, (Ala.) Virgil Grissom - Kentucky offer

2021 TE Jaggar Hebeisen of Colleyville, (Texas) Heritage

TE 2023 Brooks Yurachek of Fayetteville

Are we going to see 2021 QB Aaron McLaughlin come to the Hill this summer?

Complete non sequitur observation: Interesting to see the kid from Huntsville Virgil Grissom High. Virgil Grissom was better known as Gus, one of the original Mercury astronauts who died in the Apollo 1 fire in 1967. I’m sure there are other schools named for astronauts but that’s the first one I’ve seen – even in the Houston area. (Not to be confused with Astronaut High School in Titusville, FL, which produced Cris Collinsworth, Wilber Marshall and Daniel Tosh, aka Tosh.0).

Nice post.
Ivan Grissom and Roger Chaffee are both buried in Arlington

His last shot will be the BBQ on July 26. He responds every time I reach out to him and he tells me he’s coming back.

Pretty much every school in Huntsville, Alabama is named after astronauts. The NASA Marshal Space Flight Center is located there.

Tulsa Union schools have a Christa McAuliffe elementary school.

Yeah I knew there was a big NASA place in Huntsville and figured that was the connection, but I hadn’t encountered any school names until this.

Second Huntsville non sequitur: The University of Alabama at Huntsville doesn’t have a football team, but it does have varsity ice hockey. They play in a hockey conference that includes the University of Alaska. There’s your road trip in January…