Friday Update

We are told Charlie Strong’s name is one that will be given to Arkansas by the search firm DHR International. This would seem to indicate there is interest on Strong’s end to come back to Arkansas, but it’s too soon to know whether there is reciprocal interest.

Texas used DHRI to hire Strong in 2013, so there is a history between him and that firm.

On the AD search, the three names that keep coming up in the people we talk with are Derrick Gragg, Julie Cromer Peoples and Scott Varady. Two others that have been floated by some people with influence are Kevin Scanlon and Tim Horton. That isn’t to say there are not other candidates, but those are the names we’ve heard since Kirby Hocutt said no earlier this week.

I’m of the opinion that the AD job will not be filled until sometime next week.

I’m sure Strong won’t excite many fans, if it comes to that. I for one am pessimistic about GM coming, primarily because I think Auburn will win Saturday, and that takes him of the table.

But I think we could do worse than Strong. Sure, he failed at Texas. I used to think I could win 7-8 games a year at Texas. It seems so dysfunctional right now, I’m not sure who the next coach will be that can get them sorted out.

He has the experience to hire a good staff, has local contacts, can certainly recruit Texas. Maybe not choice one for me, but I could get excited.

Was he able to recruit Texas very well since Texas fired him?

I don’t follow recruiting closely except for one day in February, but from what I’ve read in articles about Tom Herman taking over at Texas, Strong seems to have recruited well and left the roster better off than when he took over for Mack Brown.

Strong was unable to glad-hand the T-Sip power brokers well, which put him behind the eight ball while he was busy cleaning out the gigantic mess left by their beloved former coach and current ESPN drone Mack Brown.

He built Louisville, pure and simple, over a period of several years. BP lived off of the defensive recruiting that Strong did for the first two years of his second stint at the Ville. Strong was an extremely hot rising star when he went to EOEA, but he just could not get it going down there.

He’s done well in his first year down in Florida, but he did inherit a good team in a blah conference. He won’t be sexy enough for a lot of folks, and I will be particularly interested to see if all of the “Gus is coming home” crowd will embrace Strong for the same reason.

I have a couple of friends who are well-connected at Texas. They said that Strong was a disaster from the beginning, and out of his depth. Recruiting was pretty good, but it didn’t translate to enough wins. And, he lost to KANSAS!!

I have doubts about Dr. Gragg because of the Frank Haith hire. He was about to be fired at Mizzou, and has been disappointing at Tulsa.

Charlie Strong has always been my first choice. Would love to get him.

I think my first choice for AD would be Kevin Scanlon despite his inexperience in athletic administration. He’s been successful in business, is well-connected, and bleeds Razorback red. However, I’d be very happy with Derrick Gragg. I could live with JCP, but not terribly excited about the prospect.

Texas is the only Big 12 game Kansas has won in the last three years. The fact Strong coached a UT team loaded with 4 stars that lost to a pathetic Kansas is telling. He’d be a terrible hire…a complete and utter failure on the P5 stage as a HC.

Louisville is an ACC member, so it would be more accurate to say he’s 1-1 as a P5 coach.

Strong would be low on my list because of his inability to do well at Texas, but I’m not sure they gave him a chance. He had to clean house of some bad actors on the team when he first arrived. Still, no one should lose much at Texas, and certainly not to Kansas. However, he succeeded quite well at UL. That’s how he got the UT job. He is hardly a complete & utter failure on the P5 stage.

I could handle Strong as DC absolutely.:As the head coach, absolutely not. Unless he hired Chip Long as OC. Have not seen Neal Brown’,s name on possible hesd coach list. He is a personal favorite of mine. Gotta love that NASCAR Offense of his. He believes he can get a play off in 8 seconds. Neal is from the Hal Mumme, Mike Leach, Tony Franklin tree. Played with Couch at Kentuckey.

Had unbelievable resources at UT and didn’t get it done. I for one would be utterly disappointed

Pretty sure Louisville was in the Big East during Charlie’s tenure.

It was in the Big East his first three years there and the American his final season.

I would give CCS a grade of Incomplete for his work at Texas. We will never know if would have succeeded there because he was let go about two seasons too early.

Never had a winning record in three seasons

Lost to 2-10 Kansas - complete embarrassment

Worst rushing performance ever for a Texas team against a 6-6 Arkansas team

He was let go right on time IMO

Louisville was not in the ACC when Strong was HC there.

Actually that wasn’t Texas’ worst rushing performance, but that record does belong to an Arkansas defense in a bowl game. The Hogs held Texas to minus-27 yards in the 2000 Cotton Bowl.

I don’t mean any harm, but why are they still looking at different coaches. They’re gonna mess around and screw this up. It seems like it’s entirely too much thinking going on. Hire the freaking A.D. and go get either Gus. Norvell, or Morris. To me it seems like it a bunch of dummies with money conducting this process. It can’t be this hard. My goodness!