Friday practice update

Dave Van Horn said today that Brady Tygart will start tomorrow and John Bolton will probably be back in the lineup.

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Wow. Surprised to hear about Bolton.

I’m glad Bolton is in there. He needs to get some swings in and also needs to see some balls coming to him in live action

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I hope Brady Tygart is able to go deep into the game. Bolton needs the AB’s the reps in the field aren’t as pressing. I hope Josey and Wagner get going tomorrow

I really don’t think Brady will throw more than 4-5 innings. probably 60-65 pitches.


While I’m glad to hear about Bolton, Coll has done a very good job in backup. He’s made some great plays at SS & his bat has been pretty good. No discernible difference between the two. At least not to me.

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Coll hasn’t caught fire at the plate but he did have a sac fly.

Bolton is a better defensive option than Coll.


They’ve been stretching Brady out little by little. I think he threw 62 pitches at Vandy. I expect him to go 70-75 tomorrow.

IIRC, that was the number that DVH mentioned.

Van Horn said today Tygart would have a 65-70 pitch count.

I give Coll slight edge, same with Holt. If this was the ncaa’s I would hope DVH would them leave both in…of course Holt is in anyway.

That’s what I was thinking… that’s a good number for him.

Bolton is in the lineup today.