Friday pitching matchup

Arkansas has not settled on a starter for Friday. There is a chance the Razorbacks will start Kacey Murphy over Blaine Knight because Murphy has had longer rest.

ORU is expected to throw senior lefty Miguel Ausua, who was the starter in the regional opener against Arkansas last season and pitched 6 1/3 innings.

It now sounds likely that Blaine Knight will start Friday for Arkansas.

I think that’s probably the right call in spite of the temptation to save Knight for Southern Miss and their ace.

Doubt Southern Miss will save their ace. They need to stay in the winner’s bracket and Dallas Baptist is no pushover.

I do not think Southern Miss is in any position to save its ace.

I have confidence in Knight or Murphy in either game. What matters most is to win these first 2 games and set this up for a game 3 where you have the chance to win the region and set your pitching up for the super! Of course if you have to play game 4 is all hands on deck!
No team in any region better overlook any other team. On any day any body can beat you!

Nick Sandlin, the aforementioned ace, speaking about the regional and how the team’s No. 4 starter pitched a 3-hit complete game shutout in the C-USA title game Sunday. Sandlin said he hopes to set the tone for the rest of the pitchers to follow in the regional. He also speaks about facing Dallas Baptist. … /35464283/

This is now confirmed that Knight will start.

Probably The Right Move if we end up playing Southern Miss their two best hitters are both left-handed so Murphy should do well against them.

It’s natural for us to focus on the pitching, but the key for us is to get to the starterss early. At least I think that’s key. I haven’t heard anything to suggest they have great BP’s. Perhaps they do. However, our batters have done pretty well against some awfully good SEC pitching this season. Yeah, I know there are some notable exceptions, but I’ll be surprised if we’re held to just a few hits.

The hogs need to take advantage of what the pitchers are giving them to hit. The SEC should have had enough top notch pitching for our hitters to see and compete against that they should be able to come up with hits! I just hope we take good AB’s
and take our rips at strikes.
I doubt any pitcher they will face will be any harder to hit than Mize or Singer!