Friday observations

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Quick thoughts…

— Moses was back and looked pretty good, considering the week he’s had.

— Adrio Bailey made some nice defensive plays. Could see him cracking the rotation at some point, just with his combination of athleticism and defensive instincts.

— I think Macon will be the starter charged with guarding quick PGs. Beard, too, off the bench.

Love the way Daryl Macon is looking on film and what is being reported. He’s looking like he was the top Juco player. Not saying anything bad about Barford… b/c it’s early and much of what Barford’s game is based on is getting in the lane and drawing fouls… and very few fouls are called in practice. So it’s easy to think Macon is the better player… but the fact is… Macon has shown better, but who knows who’s going to be the most effective during the actual season. I’m just glad to have them both.