Friday, November 24th . . . Razorback Stadium . . .

As Missouri and Arkansas players gather on the field for the opening kickoff, a montage of images/video clips of COACH Frank Broyles . . . in his white dress shirt (with shirttails perhaps a bit exposed), and a red and white striped tie . . . flash upon the dual Pig Screens . . . with vintage clips of Razorbacks of yesteryear crossing the goal line and making explosive tackles . . .

And the only words spoken, over some dramatic music . . . Frank Broyles’ voice booms out "They remembah what you do in Novembah . . . "

Is that planned now? If so, I will be there.

No, Colorado. Just a thought that passed through my mind. Picked the Mizzou game (instead of the MSU game earlier in that month) because of this history Frank had coaching there as well.

Sounds great to me.

Bret mentioned doing something to honor him possibly involving a mascot or one of his sayings. He’s gotten a lot of suggestions and I think they’ll definitely honor him at some point, perhaps throughout the season.