Friday notebook on eighth inning success, Mizzou's base running, more

A couple points on Webb, he’s now over the Mendoza line after an awful season start at the plate, and he’s the only regular with a Slugging % greater than 2X his batting average.

My friends and I have the (Matt) Vinson line. It is .100. Matt was a marvelous fielder. He was christened “Spiderman” after he made a marvelous home run stealing catch by climbing the fence in LF. That same year (2012) he came on late in the year to be a good hitter. His batting average never really recovered, but he was a valuable part of the team that was robbed by Perry Costello spit

The thing about a good center fielder is it can save you a lot of runs, which is as valuable as hits and RBI.

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