Friday night stats

RB Chase Hayden had 27 carries for 304 yards, 3 TDs and 1 reception for 4 yards. Defensively, 7 tackles and 1 PBU

RB Maleek Williams had 13 carries for 95 yards and 2 TDs

WR Koilan Jackson had a reception for 52 yards, a TD, 2 rushes for 20 yards and a TD along with a recovered fumble.

WR Maleek Barkley had 184 rushing yards and 3 TDs

Chase Hayden seems to put up eye popping stats each week. Think he will get early playing time RD? Or which players are you expecting to get early playing time, I personally have a feeling Jackson will because of size and amount of WRs leaving this year.

Competition at Hayden’s level is not great. He is quick and shifty, but did not look super fast in person against my son’s team. His younger brother (8th grade) is very good as well

He brings great elusiveness. I like him at slot and RB.