Friday feature on Dominique Johnson

Dominique Johnson’s physicality and instincts as a high school tailback birthed a fitting nickname from his coaches in Crowley, Texas — The Dancing Bear.

More on the player his head coach labeled a Derrick Henry-type guy, a freak and a cut above the rest:


That dude will hit you. I believe he’d rather block than carry the rock. That’s a rare quality that makes him beloved by his teammates in the offensive line.

I thought either he or Rocket were the likely call on the two point play with KJ having option. Hard to imagine any of those three not getting in there.


I love some DJ laying the wood to people AND carrying the rock. We have some backs that run hard and I think every one of them has considerable upside.

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Johnson was the intended receiver on the shovel pass which was the first option.

It should have been there for a conversion. Was Cunningham a step slow or was the ola ms player a step early? Jefferson had two defenders in his space before you could say hic-up. Ola ms should definitely had a defensive holding penalty against the guy hugging Burks long enough to get an autograph.

I’m curious, why do you call the RebNecks “ola”?

Disparage the low life’s from Oxford not to be confused with any group from other parts of our country. Should call them missus but I don’t want to insult women. I detest that brood of vipers above all our SEC brethren.

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