Friday Dec 6th coaching search thread

Kiffin to…???

Who is plan B?

Post beginning at midnight.

My money is on Gundy…something is brewing…way to quiet…no way HY comes back home with some small fish…I think OM Is gonna spend an extra million per year chasing the wrong train…

12/6 - the day the insanity reaches its fever pitch

Interesting thought now that Boone isn’t around. One has to wonder who the power broker is over there and how that plays out for Gundy. I think it’s a BIG stretch but Mullet boy would be a walk off grand slam. He has great recruiting ties to Texas!

Plan B:

Drinkwitz, Barry Lunny Jr or Butch Davis

That’s where we are.

That’s a freakin no brainer. Drink. Then BLJ. And there are 10 other candidates starting with Napier that needs to go into the mix before we settle for Butch Davis. That’s about as bad as bringing SMILE back to the hill as a OC with him.

Bryan Harsin is apparently in the mix by some reports. He apparently interviewed by some reports.

Seems to be a lot of fan panic as of late. With Plan B’s, no announcement or PC yet. Ole Miss getting played Sexton, after that Mizzu will get played the same way.
HY is back at home (maybe).
Everybody is restless and stirring with all of this nervous energy. Just need to go back to the beginning of the search. HY said and I quote “I’ve got to get this hire right” or in similar words. So unless somebody on here has been in the interviews or on the plane with him and knows exactly where we are at with a coach, I think it’s time to sit back and relax over the weekend-drink a little kool-aid let cards fall where they may. Quit stressing yet!
Woo Pig Soooie!!!


Coaching searches are made for fan stress. Insiders with hints that aren’t. Planes,trains and spottings is what keeps IPads and tablets with worn out refresh buttons. My guy told me stories that get 2k views in an hour along with news from other schools is how us old guys keep the blood flowing. What do we do after the coach is hired? Rake leaves?

I think (or hope) Leach is plan B.

Buy out still low.

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Heard that the Board of Trustees is meeting today (or possibly last night) in Fayetteville. I didn’t know they had to actually assemble to discuss a hire. Anyone have insight?

Kiffin - I do not think that HY would be waiting around to see if they could reach a deal after Sat games. He likely has a deal in place and has had a deal in place for sometime & is honoring Kiffin’s request to hold the announcement until after the Championship game.

Leach - I still think he is in play and is probably the fall back option. Adding a year to the contract and a 750,000 bonus does not keep him from moving.

Norvell - I know that he apparently is not interested and I know that he is rumored to be going to FSU and that Ole Miss is trying to get him but no one really knows what FSU is going to do and we really do not know what Norvell is thinking.

Harsin - I think he has to be ahead of Drinkwitz. He has several years of experience and has been very successful. Not a bad choice.

Drinkwitz - I think he is the long shot of the group because of experience but those two wins against SEC opponents is a real eye catcher.

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Villacard, responding to your opinions only:

Kiffin - What you say makes sense in regards to the Lane Train. My only disagreement would be that it’s a done deal. Especially, if he met with Ole Miss last night, like is being speculated by certain media members. If it was a done deal, I can’t see him taking the meeting - JMO

Leach - he’s out. We aren’t offering him any kind of pay raise, maybe even have less to offer than what he’s already getting. He has to want to prove himself in the SEC, and nothing else. He’s in a better position at WSU, can’t see him coming here anytime soon.

Norvell - he’s out. He may not of even been contacted (for an interview). Heard two different things on him. One is we reached out and backed off, second is he reached out and backed off. The backing off is the important part. Can’t see this happening

Harsin - I think he would be better than Drinkwitz, but I’m just not sure he would want to leave his “home” to come here and attempt a rebuild.

Drinkwitz - winner by default, and I don’t think that’s what we need. He may end up being the next Saban, but not sure we can chance it, but my guess is we will

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Agree Norvell and Leach are out.

Board of Trustees can’t meet without at least two hours of public notice.

When would the plane leave to go get our new coach after Saturday’s games are over? The plane watch is the grown up version of small children watching the night sky on Christmas Eve for Santa. I don’t have any idea who our Santa will be, I just hope he’s got something in his bag other than a lump of coal I have plenty of that left over from previous coaches. WPS

I still think it is LK at this time. I posted somewhere yesterday in agreement with another poster that I think HY put out an offer too LK but he also left himself some wiggle room due to OM getting involved. Based on some tweets I saw a couple of hours ago that my brother sent me it looks like HY possibly had to make some adjustments to it and it is a done deal. Not sure how much truth there is in any of this but my gut is surely hoping so.

I will say this, the stuff coming out the past several days on this is absolutely unreal and nobody knows a thing other than HY, Jon F, Steve C, LK and Sexton.

Based on a tweet I saw surrounding comments made by FAU President to the BOT asking for donors to add an additional one time 20% to fund a coach search clearly indicates LK is gone…but to which team?

Next 2 days are going to a wild ride folks!!!

If Kiffin is becoming the new HC for our hogs we will know tomorrow after his FAU team complete the conference championship game! I think the Ole Miss fiasco was just Sexton trying to drive the price tag up! Napier will be the new Ole Miss coach.

I heard somebody poked their head into Hunter Yurachek’s office today, and they saw him lounging on his couch drinking a Black Jack and water and smoking a cigar. I believe it was Cuban.

Oh I can see Jimmy Sexton telling him to take the meeting and see if we can’t squeeze another million a year out of somebody.