Freshmen under Bielema

This is Coach B’s fourth class to report to Fayetteville.

I can’t recall one being homesick after reporting. Certainly there might have been some, but I haven’t run into any.

I just communicated with a family friend of a freshman and this person said the kid could not be happier.

It was much different under Petrino. You could tell that most were homesick and they told you and some were downright miserable.

That comparative distinction seems to bear out the prevailing general public persona of Bielema as a well rounded, even handed, compassionate father figure who is also - at the same time - a stern disciplinarian and a hard-nosed task master. I certainly possess no insider information, - - but I truly like what I’ve seen and heard from Bielema thus far.

I think you hit it. He doesn’t put up with much. He has his rules and expects you to abide by them. If you do that he’s all in your corner.

Coach B, seems like a players coach and looks out for the best interest of the kid…