Freshmen provide infusion of length, athleticism

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Asked Mike about their length and where they’ll play. Said Khalil can play 1-3, Darious is a big guard/wing and Gabe is a 3/4 combo guy. Lot of versatility and lineup options, which I’ve written about more in-depth and will post closer to the season.

Jimmy, do you have a prediction on our W-L record this year? Would be cool to hear your opinion.

Interesting. Do you get any sense of a leader on the wing going into camp?

I’ll make one closer to the season. Last year, I lucked out and was able to get it right. Have very little optimism about repeating that this year. The moving parts and schedule make it tough.

If they get into the low 20s in wins, that’ll be impressive.

I think CJ and Darious are the 2 favorites at this point. Obviously they’ll probably play a decent amount of three-guard lineups.