how many played?

Knox, Burks, Brooks, Soli, Stromberg, M. Miller, Z. Williams. That I know of.

I believe Catalon played some gunner on special teams.

The guys @SwineFusion mentioned are the only true freshmen who appear on the participation report for Game 1. Jalen Catalon wasn’t listed.

With Curl and Foucha entrenched at FS…if we have depth there without using Catalon I’d love to see him redshirt. And of course he can play up to 4 games. Catalon is a future starter at safety. No doubt.

They listed Myles Mason as wearing # 1 in the participation chart but he’s listed as 18 on the roster, with Catalon as the defensive # 1. So maybe I saw Mason instead of Catalon. Whoever was wearing # 1 was a gunner on the punt team, and had a couple of misadventures trying to down balls before finally catching one to pin PSU on their last possesssion.

I think it must have taken three punts for someone to pull the punt team aside to remind them that they don’t have to let the ball hit the ground, they can catch it. That was either poor coaching, distraction from watching the punt returner fake the catch, or just ignorance of what was happening.

They listed Myles Mason 1M because Jack Lindsey, also No. 18, participated as the placeholder. Lindsey is down as 1L. De’Vion Warren was the No. 1 who we saw on punt coverage.

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Catalon is working at safety and nickel. He could play either of those spots this season. I think this staff is all about playing the guys at skill positions like wide receiver and defensive back if they have the strength. Catalon has the strength. Pound for pound, he’s one of the strongest freshmen to come to campus in awhile.

Catalon is gonna be a star. He will be starting soon, if he doesn’t redshirt. But I really like him and Burks.

Speaking of freshmen - How can you not be impressed with the guts that Nix kid had in the game last night? Wow. Kept on making plays.