Freshman walk-on kicker Blake Mazza impressing with perfect camp

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Seems I remember from you in the scrimage that all those kicks were short as was the one the end (30yds, 20 yd line, LOS 13 I gather). What sort of range does he have? Needs to be able to consistantly hit from 37 yds. on in. Can he do that?

They were all relatively short. The longest was 36, I believe. But he made them all with ease and looks like he has a pretty strong leg. He’s made longer kicks at the start of practices, too.

Saw his high school highlights and one kick was from 49 yards out and it had plenty of hieght when it went through. One recruiting service had him listed as a guy who might kick some from 55+. I think that might be a little much but it would sure be nice if he could. WPS

Is he competing for the kickoff job as well?

Yes. It was Mazza and Limpert working against each other on kickoffs. Limpert’s leg is a tad bit stronger, but it’s close. The best of Mazza’s kicks were 5 yards deep in the end zone. Limpert’s were 7 yards deep. Small, small difference.

Thanks guys for the information. I like the sound of all that. Perhaps we may have a kicker again. Sure need one.

Impossible to know at this point if he can do it or not. I think we’ll have a better idea after the TCU game.

It is encouraging each of these guys can get it past the goal line. Last year the 5 yard line was about as good as we could do. That should help the special teams. Every time we kicked off last year, the fans held their breath.