Freshman OL Luke Brown

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While we were not probably counting on a freshman in next years offensive line, seems we are getting more than our share of bad breaks, injuries and crappy officiating. Don’t know who angered the sports Gods, but please make peace.

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An off-season workout injury? Or, leftover from his HS days and needed to get something “cleaned up”? Odd timing with spring drills just around the corner.

Knee surgery?

Hate to hear that… hopefully he will recover well

I’m curious about this as well.

Of course, the main thing is that I wish him a speedy and complete recovery. But what kind of surgery did he have, and why? Did he injure himself working out, or was this a lingering problem that he’s just getting to in the off-season?

I’m told he should be good to go for fall camp.

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Great news!

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