Freshman DB from Oklahoma

So Oklahoma has a freshman starting , so we didn’t recruit this kid??? If he didn’t recruit this kid, more reason that he needs to go!!

Believe it was him or kurl

I hear you, but if the kid is starting from Oklahoma right now, you gotta find a way to keep both of them…

DAMn DUDE you cannot get 25 cb in 1 class,

i wish we could fire you from posting more dribble

The point is that you have a D1 caliber player 45 minutes from you who can play and you don’t offer. Kurl wasn’t the only corner that was signed. Gotta protect home first.

Small kid as I recall. Thought was he could play in the pass happy finesse league but would get manhandled in the SEC.

Your missing the entire point, if the kid is good enough to play at Oklahoma, then he could play here… Also by the way that your grammar is being displayed, you might need to be fired from posting on here. # That is terrible# Your writing looks like an unsolved mystery plot…

Well he would of fit right in here because our DB’s struggle in that category every year and get manhandled

Dudley can correct me but they wanted brown out of ashdown and curl. Tre is a good kid but only about 165 I think. Oklahoma offered him after we got curl I think. Glad to see him playing but their defense has been torched a bunch.

Yea, he is playing a pretty good game now, If anything you get a kid like that and redshirt him and see can he get to 175 in a year but if the cover skills are there you can’t be passing up on D1 talent…


Yea, he is playing a pretty good game now, If anything you get a kid like that and redshirt him and see can he get to 175 in a year but if the cover skills are there you can’t be passing up on D1 talent…
[/quote]That’s easy to say, in a vacuum . . . but if we had signed him, we’d have had to NOT sign one of the kids we did; and as frustrated and angry as you may be today, we can’t know for another couple of years who that might have been.

If you’re saying that we should have signed him instead of Curl, that’s pretty knee-jerk. Curl has started for us most of the year and, IMO, done a pretty good job given that he is a true freshman playing against the best WR athletes in any conference. Sure, he’s been beaten a few times, but he’s also made a lot of good plays. Who knows what kind of success he’d have if he were playing on a better defense . . . with a real pass rush that didn’t give the opposing QB 5 seconds to throw?

Meanwhile, the “other” kid is playing for OU - who’s defense hasn’t exactly been stellar, either. As others have pointed out, how would/does he hold up when defending power rushing attacks (Alabama, Auburn, LSU)?

No - this debate is far from over.

Like Curl, Norwood is playing because somebody else got hurt. Had a good game yesterday from what I saw. Both of them will benefit in the future from this experience. As Wiz noted, this debate is far from over.

As far as talent on our current roster, it’s hard to know just who is capable of what until we get a competent coaching staff.

So you not knowing a thing about football or recruiting now qualifies you as a grammar coach?

Good Luck with that because you are obviously can not be any worse at it.

They signed five defensive backs in the last class. Maybe you could sign six, but at some point they decided they liked the ones they had and decided not to take him. They actually beat Oklahoma on a few of those, including Curl and Brown.

The guy you said don’t know a thing about football is an offensive coordinator for a 5a school in Texas, so he apparently knows a little bit about the game. Bottom line is Tre Norris should’ve received an offer. This staff has already shown that they are a bad judge of talent and looks like they have missed on a kid that was down the road from the university.

We keep attaching him to Curl but it was two other corners signed also…

Cornerbacks are tough to find. It wouldn’t have been the worst thing to over sign. But, here was the deal, they were going down to the end on Chevin Calloway, a highly rated corner. If he sees a ton of corners committed, you may not get him. That’s the tight rope you walk. They did get Calloway in a highly celebrated close at the finish line.

This is a little like two classes back when they made the decision to take T.J. Hammonds out of Little Rock (instead of Crockett, now at Missouri) and focus on a couple of Texas guys for the second running back. That ended up with Whaley’s commitment. Sometimes it’s one or the other.

When you are not winning games, all evaluations can be put on the table for examination. I understand that. I also understand the choices the coaches made. When you aren’t winning and there are things lacking on the roster, I get it.

There are two things that are tough to find: defensive linemen and cornerbacks. I think you take as many good ones as you can find. I was interested to note that Missouri took eight defensive linemen in its last class. That’s a bunch. There was a void there and the staff there made a decision to try to catch up. Sometimes you do that. I think Arkansas made that decision last year in the secondary and signed five. That’s quite a few.


I never said that we should of sign him before Curl , I think Curl will be a baller for the U of A but at the same time we can’t let talent like that get out the state.

I just think talent pool is not very big in the state and we can’t afford to let D1 talent leave the state…