Freeze to Auburn closing in

Aside from boredom beating up on the ACC, Dabo has no reason to ever leave Clemson.

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I can’t see this happening either, but the only thing that might pry him out would be an NFL job at a good team, not trying to build somebody from the bottom.

Can’t disagree about Dabo being quirky.

Apparently, Clemson has addressed their specific concerns about Dabo leaving for Bama with a 150% buyout clause in his contract. For him to go NFL is $0 buyout.

More contract news:

Yep. Boat raced. I heard Stats Nordsworthy recently say that Freeze is a great pregame schemer and planner, but is a terrible in-game adjuster. The other side gets an advantage in on him, he is completely incapable of righting the ship during a game. That is kind of the interesting take, but Stats is the pregame voice of the Rebels and usually knows what he’s talking about.

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