Freeze to Auburn closing in

The only thing more depressing than the game yesterday is staring down a list of SEC West coaches we’ll be competing against next year.

Saban, Kiffin, Freeze, Brian Kelly and Leach.

Let us pray A&M never figures it out.

Matt Rhule to Nebraska

too much that was ugly for the Freeze hiring go over smoothly in social media critics
Bruce Pearl lied about a BBQ because of ridiculous NCAA rules around food. Hugh Freeze hired hookers with University funds, has a past of sexual misconduct, and tried to intimidate a sexual abuse survivor #onhere. If you think these grievances are the same, we are not the same.

ditching Cadillac Williams for Hugh Freeze is like finding $1000 you forgot was hidden in your sock drawer and immediately using it to buy crypto


That’s the quote of the Day!

Btw, didn’t the SEC say no “Freeze” being a HC in the SEC, roughly 3 years ago? What changed their mind?

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Auburn has never been said in a sentence including integrity. No surprise.


Oh, I agree…

The liberty game was freeze audition for auburn job. Not lost on folks that liberty lost games after us. Freez focus went to auburn.

Lane has moved all of his family to Oxford so I think he stays until Alabama opens up then he goes there.

Understand Jimbo is turning over the play calling to their OC in '23 so to be determined whether aTm can resolve their problems. Hopefully not, since we need all of the help that we can get to compete in the SEC.

If we were searching for a HC, would have liked to have seen Rhule as a strong candidate for Arkansas. He turned around Temple & Baylor & knows the Texas recruiting market. Expect that he will do well at NE, now that they have signed him for 8 yrs.

We competed against Ole Miss fine when Freeze was coaching there. I’m not worried about any of those guys but Saban. We’ve beaten Kiffin 2 out of 3 years. Played LSU close. Not afraid of the Pirate either.

I am not afraid of them either but I respect their recruiting and their coordinators.

Auburn is a horrible place to coach. They live for one thing every day of the year — beat Bama. They run off the coach who beat Bama more than any others (Tuberville); run off National title winner, national title contender, etc. Spent an entire season wanting to run off a coach they desperately wanted to get millions at Arkansas to get them out of their buyout, then he beats Georgia and Bama so they raise his pay so they don’t lose a coach to lowly Arkansas, and then fire him a couple of years later with a big buyout. Now they are about to run off their own loyal War Eagle version of Deion Sanders. Auburn is the textbook on “how not to run a major college football program”. Please Auburn lock in Freeze for $100 million today before the Bama game, then hopefully Cadillac-coached Auburn beats Bama right before you run him off for Coach risqué phone calls.

Winning at Auburn is not good enough. They will never be Bama, ever, but they can win consistently at a big level, but that will never be acceptable.

I like the Baptist philosophy of being redeemed and getting second and third chances, but Hugh Freeze sure seems like a questionable character, all that sleaze has not worn off. So no surprise Auburn hires him. He might get to the playoff or even win a national title in 5 years, but then he’ll go 8-4 and they’ll cut him a check for $75 million so he can leave and they’ll move on the next one.

I’m not “afraid” of them. We can beat any of them, besides Saban, on a given day.

But collectively, it’s a hellacious grind.

I’m ready for the SEC East to go back to being the strong side of the conference the way it was when HDN was here. No doubt about that.


There are two seasons of divisions left in SEC football. Then you won’t have to worry about that imbalance anymore.


I am assuming that Kiffin is no longer the prime candidate for the Auburn job? After losing to Arkansas & Miss St, expect that he may not have the initial luster that Auburn wanted. Kiffin can build a program but has yet to prove that he can sustain one - if not depart on bad terms.

After the last 2 seasons, cracks are appearing in the Bama & Saban dynasty. Expect that Saban’s remaining tenure there may be brief & understand that Dabo may be the HC in waiting for Bama so Kiffin’s aspirations for Bama may be his pipe dream. Kiffin recognizes that his best opportunity to beat Bama (& Saban) may be much better at Auburn than at OM.

Not saying what kind of job he will do, if hired at Auburn, but he has a great situation at Liberty, making great money and probably can get whatever he wants. He is a program maker at Liberty and seems Liberty is in a good position to improve their status in the football world.

Auburn on the other hand is a pink slip in the making, so unless your objective is buyout money, this grass may not be that green. However if your reputation is a cheating, scum bag; then welcome home Bucky!

Expect that Dabo is the coach in waiting for the Bama job. Kiffin’s history is too shaky & controversial for Bama, & Saban would not endorse him.

It is hard to explain, but there is something quirky about Dabo that makes me think he would be an odd fit at Alabama. I know he played there and Alabama recruits itself, but I just get the sense that he would have a difficult time replicating what he has done at Clemson.

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Not the best closing argument for Freeze or Auburn today in Lynchburg. Liberty is getting smoked by New Mexico State, down 42-7 in the third quarter.

Yep. And everybody will have a brutal schedule. Kentucky will get to play Bama two out of every four years just like we will.

You never want to replace the legend. You want to replace the guy who replaced the legend. Dabo IS the legend at Clemson.