Freeze Froze

Him and his staff had no answers for the FSU halftime adjustments. Prune back some schollies and let them play with a few less elite athletes and let’s see how good they are.

Freeze played several freshman. The inexperience sure showed up in the second half.

Freeze is a fraternal twin of Houston Nutt. He has the preacher bs down pat, but the guy is not an SEC coach. He never makes a decent adjustment. He looked like a deer in the headlights last night in the 2nd half. I don’t even think his headset was turned on.

Ole Miss has some great receivers…wow. They are going to give us a tough time when they have the ball. The Ole Miss defense is not real good, but they may score 50 on us. Ole Miss is good with the pass and we are horrible on pass defense. They match up well with us.

Florida State put the heat on Chad Kelly that 2nd half and it won the game for them. If the Hogs don’t do the same, they will whip us, I believe.

Beaten Bama twice and has won a Sugar Bowl in the past two years. Seems like an unfair comparison.

They have a lot of talent on the front seven of their defense, but when their offense does not move the ball for any length of time, their D gets worn out. They have zero ability to protect a lead, because their running game is so ineffective.

Until they get the running game fixed, they are not going to be in the SEC championship game. They will need Kelley to play out of his mind and the defense to get a lot of turnovers just to stay in the conversation until November. It is a lot more likely that they will lose two or three more games this year at the least.

as the announcers noted several times in the 2nd half, when OM went 3 & out or scored in 57 sec of clock time, the defense was gassed.

That’s the problem with “Tempo” or as they used to call it, Hurry Up No Huddle.

I’m not an OM fan & even less a Freeze fan. I’d love to see them finish in the back half of the SECW this year & then try to recruit with that & the NCAA breathing down their neck.

OM put a LOT into that game last night. They will struggle to overcome IMO. My prediction is that Kelly will turn into a head case this year at some point.