Freeze and Leach

want the job.

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Leach is said to not like to recruit and isn’t exactly doing great this season and may not have much other than good interviews left in the tank at this stage.

Freeze liked to recruit too much and got a program on probation and got himself fired.

While both are names and Leach in the past has been good on offense, I’m not convinced either is what program needs.

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Bucky spent too much time recruiting call girls. Worse, he was dumb enough to do it on a university phone.

LSU will be a good team to root for if they hire Freeze. I doubt HY will get anywhere near him though.

Leach would definitely excite and sell tickets.

If he hires recruiters and has anything left in the tank it could be a fun ride for a few years

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Leach recruited Gardner Minshew away from Alabama.

I would like to see some evidence that he doesn’t like to recruit. I feel like he’s labeled that way because he seems so laid back in public.

He hasn’t had highly ranked recruiting classes, but you can explain that away by where he’s been.

“Bucky” also beat Nick Saban.

Yep. This is the problem. We want not only a good coach, but a preacher on top of it. NOBODY is perfect. Everyone makes mistakes. Is this about thier coaching and recruiting abilities? Or is this about what would Dari Noka and Paul Finebaum might say?

Let’s just say my standards are a little higher than yours and leave it at that. I don’t give a crap what Nowkhah or Finebaum says because I don’t watch them. But I do care who represents my school.

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Yes to freeze
No to leach

If that is the case then lets hire Art Briles.

So did Kevin Sumlin

Freeze and Briles are literally the only two coaches we could hire that would just make me completely give up Razorback fandom.

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And don’t forget Charlie Weatherbie.

Leach is just an odd ball. He is almost 60. We need a stud in his prime who can recruit. If we knew Freeze would do right, he would be a great hire. He can recruit and is an excellent offensive coach. Hunter Yurachek would need to do some soul searching before hiring Hugh.

This is Hunter Yurachek’s big moment in his career. It will be interesting to see who he selects.

I think Mike Norvell would be a really good hire. He is 38 and about to reach his prime. We are going to need a young guy with a ton of energy who can recruit. Good luck, Hunter.

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I think we can do better than Leach, but I think Freeze is poison. I understand the man is sorry for his mistakes, but leaving his personal life aside, I see no reason to think he’s a great coach without unabashedly buying players. Apology tour or not, any school he coaches will be under the NCAA microscope.

We can do better than both. Obviously we can fall on our face again—just like we did in our last two hires—but I see no reason to set low standards from the get go.

We need a PJ Fleck 2.0

I can’t for the life of me figure out why so many are against Leach. What he has done at Washington St borders on miraculous. In his 7 full years, he’s gone to 5 bowl games. In Washington St previous 118 years, they’ve gone to 10 bowl games total. Just last year, he ended up the season in the top 10 of the AP (what we wouldn’t give for that). Yet, he isn’t good enough for a football program that just got rid of a coach with a 4-18 record, losing 4 games to cupcakes. Washington St wasn’t just a really bad PAC 10 team, they were one of the worst D-1 football teams in history. If we are looking for a coach who is going to win a lot of football games, even in the SEC, he should be high on our list.

Now if you just don’t want him because he’s cantankerous, quirky, etc. or, If you don’t want him because you think he’s too old (although 58 isn’t exactly ancient), that’s more understanding. But if your main goal is insuring we get a football coach that will some football games, and have the once every 3 or 4 year great season, it sure seems you should like Leach. He is the absolute antithesis of Morris.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m fine with about a dozen names I’ve seen thrown out on this board and there are a few I’d prefer to Leach. I just don’t get how so many are anti-Leach.


60 is NOT old. 55 is NOT old. And 50 sure as hell is not old.

If age disqualifies one, that means Nick Saban should be put out to pasture too.

The ageism to me is just as bad if not worse than racism. It’s ridiculous and offensive, and it should not be tolerated.

Speaking of a Coach some say is not qualified because he has too much experience and is over 55, I’ll take Leach in a heartbeat. He’s won at places year-in and year-out where prior to his arrival winning was the rare exception. And he’s won lots of games versus power 5 teams.

With Arkanss football being at the lowest point in its history, the snobby “we’re too good for that” really has no place in the conversation.

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