Free today my video visit with Matt Hobbs

On Hogs+

Someone else can provide link while I’m on radio the next hour.

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This is a great interview. If you like Hog baseball, this is well worth your time.

BTW, the stuff on how the catchers have learned from each other was really cool.


Clay That was Awesome with a Capital A. Hobbs is a sharp guy,really enjoyed hearing him speak about the pitchers…I can’t wait to see how all these new players perform…2 weeks and we will start to know what we got.

The stuff on catchers was great, too.

I don’t know if there is anyone better as an interview.

Dave gives freedom to coaches in these settings. It’s training for being a head coach.

Nate Thompson is good, too. And Dave Jorn and Todd Butler were wonderful, too. Butler remains one of my closest friends. We still talk a lot.


Yeah It was,I really enjoyed that on a rainy day here in Ms.We have been blessed with great Catchers for a long time and hopefully we can this yr.Polk looks to be the guy so we will see.Sounds like we have some really talented arms this yr.

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