Free throws

Is everybody satisfied about the referring tonight?LSU 17/23. ARK 36/54!,

Highly satisfied with the win for sure…

Those central office controlled zebes knew we have been struggling from the line, so what do they do? Send us to the line 56 dad gum times!

Arkansas ranks 7th in the SEC at 72.9% free throws. Kentucky leads the SEC at 79.6%.
It’s not so much that our percentage is all that bad, but more that we have had the opportunity to win several games especially late in games and those missed opportunities could end up being the difference in being an NCAA Tournament team and not.
On top of that you add to the fact that we lost three SEC home games that we clearly should have won against South Carolina, Auburn and Mississippi State and had we won those home games the Hogs would currently be 10-7 instead of 7-10 in the conference standings and securely cemented in the Tournament, but unfortunately that is not the case.
I understand that the injury to Joe had an impact, but we had the opportunity to win games with and without him and didn’t take care of business.
I hope they pick up that 20th win Saturday against A&M, but they are playing at their highest level of the season and it won’t be easy.

If you are meaning that the refs were biased in our direction, not sure that it is that simple. We did get some breaks and obviously some calls went in our favor, but the bigger picture to me is that we played defense like earlier in the year and stayed in front of the LSU ball handlers, keeping them out of the lane better, where a majority of the fouls get called. Arkansas drove the ball and attacked the basket more frequently, thus generating more fouls, so just comparing free throw opportunities can be very misleading.

I partially agree. I do think we did a better job last night, but some of the over the back calls last night, were not called in Baton Rouge (and they should have been),

There were solid referees on the court. I was satisfied with that. It starts with having a good team of referees. Doug Shows is not my favorite, but considered one of the best and has called many Final Four games. I was interested to know that he had worked the previous four nights in arenas all across the country. Maybe he wanted more stops so he could rest.

Agree. Very noticeable in this game. if they had called even a couple of the 20 or so over the backs in the first game, we’d be 2-0 against LSU. I’d bet the refs finally calling over the backs against LSU is probably the reason they’ve lost so many games the last few weeks.

Doesn’t help, but LSU is not very good defensively. We were able to attack the rack just about any time we wanted and that’s why we shot so many FTs

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