Free throws

Georgia is at just above 51%
We are at almost 68%.
Thank goodness!

Hack a Shaq is just beginning, Georgia will foul quickly in every play till this is over. WPS

We are now up to 69%

Crean isn’t big on teaching FT shooting apparently.

Nice to see someone else give a game away at the foul line. Although holding them to 31% shooting was pretty big. We needed that because they killed us on the boards.

Our FT shooting was much improved, but still not great. Most of our losses could have been victories if we were a better FT shooting team.

Georgia’s performance at the line was atrocious. Ogbeide’s 2 of 11 has to rank among the worst I’ve ever witnessed.

Larry Marks set bar for me. My watching partners still chant Larry Marks on ugly free throws

I think Jacory Williams was worse than Marks, but I feel certain that neither of them ever had a 2 of 11 night. That was just brutal.

The late Larry Marks, also known as C.J. O’Grady’s dad for those of you who didn’t know.

Some of the role players in the Eddie Sutton era were awful foul shooters. I seem to remember a guy named Greg Skulman, a muscle-bound 6-5 forward, being really inept. Rocket Crockett, a burly big man, was also a terrible foul shooter, which was unfortunate since he did get fouled some.

There were others, and in those days of no-shot clock you always dreaded trying to hold a lead late for fear the other team would hack one of those guys while you were trying to ice the game.

If you can’t shoot free throws well, you better learn to defend them. Our free throw Defense was outstanding last night!

Isn’t the Skull Man some sort of doctor today?

Greg Skulman’s best free throw shooting year was as a sophomore when he shot 70 percent.

His worst was his junior season at 60.7 percent as a junior

Greg ended his career 57-of-89 for a percentage of 64 percentage

He did shoot 51.5 percent from the field

As of last report, he was a dentist in Dallas.

Yea Greg’s first & only start he airballed his first free throw. Not sure he played a whole lot after that.
BTW Greg & I played BB together at Ozark state runner ups. Lost by 3 pts in final to Gould. He was a Jr & I was a Sr. We were both All-State. They went to state finals his Sr year and got blew out by Star City. He played at West-Ark 1 or 2 years before going on to UofA. His little brother Robbie played college ball to I think, but can’t remember where. He was a Soph my Sr year.
Correct Greg is a Dentist, started his practice in Charleston, maybe in Dallas now as Dudley said.

Oh, I was over 80% FT shooter in my day.