Free throws. Hogs @ Cats

Hogs 10/15
Cats 22/32

That’s the game in a nutshell.

well IMO that is partly due to how each team runs their offense.Kentucky attacks the basket every trip down the floor while we dribble around the perimiter so they are going to draw fouls when they penetrate .there were many bad calls and they let them get away with some fouls but IMO Kentucky always shoots a ton of FT b/c they attack the rim very aggrssively I wished we would do more of that but we don’t the players they do.

While I agree that the FT discrepancy was an issue, we didn’t do ourselves any favors when we got to the line at the end of the game. And, it was wasted possessions that cost us this game as much as the FT discrepancy. Our guys just don’t seem to understand percentages and probabilities when deciding to toss up a shot. Or, in the case of the shot clock running down, getting the ball to someone who can actually make a contested shot at the buzzer. This was a two possession game and we just blew the opportunity that had been created by outstanding defense in the first half. I do agree though that the refs blew four calls (or no calls) in the last 3 seconds. I would have liked to see what would have happened had they called even one of them right.

Use the friggin’ rewind button. I did. I don’t know how many times Arkansas drivers got a light bump with the body but no call. Were those calls outrageous for a play on? No. But they called them at the other end on seemingly every possession in the second half. One example was Gafford got bumped with the hip on the break. He goes down with the ref staring at them four feet away. Nothing. He beat the defender to the spot. Hence, verticality wasn’t even a possibility. UK gets the rebound and gets the call on the same exact contact at the other end. I watched those in slo mo about 10 times along with many other examples to check my bias. It was like both the UNC and LSU games. It’s not the fouls that they call on us. It’s the contact that they don’t call at the other end.

learn to read! i said they allowed them to get away with some fouls but while you were watching the replay you will notice they are attacking the basket way more than we do and fouls are called a lot more when you do…still depsite all that all we had to do was the make the FT’s we had in the closing minutes and we win the game.

I agree wth you that we don’t have the 3 guards that get most PT are not good at taking it to the hoop. Sills is the one who can do it and tries often. I am ready to let him show us what he can do in Harris’s spot. It may help relax Harris to cone off the bench.

Wish we had Macon and Barford again.

We had our problems winning with Macon and Bradford too! Macon could put free throws in the hole and both were better shooter than Harris.
Sills in my opinion is a better offensive and defensive player. He is a threat to make the 3, make a mid range shot or take the ball to the hole. He was 2/2 from the feee throw line last night. Emery Simpson is solid on defense and he can shoot a lot better than he has shown this season.
The harsh reality of Garland never playing, Hall transferring and Perry flipping to Miss St make me wonder what could have been.

We need more shooter that can take the ball to the hole. Joe needs to continue to work on putting shots up off the dribble.

I agree about Sills he is relentless taking it to the hoop and I love that about him and he drilled several 3’s which is something Harris can’t do so I say lets give him a shot at starting the rest of the yr and see how he does.

On the year Sills has less than half the makes at the rim in half the minutes as Harris. Their FG% at the rim is almost identical. Harris has the higher FG% on 2-pt jumpers. The numbers say you trade worse ballhandling for more treys when you replace Sills with Harris. Otherwise, not much difference in their numbers. Sills played great last night, but he wasn’t the primary ballhandler. He’s on a hot streak. Maybe he has improved enough during the year to run the offense better. The question is whether any guard on this team can provide any consistent scoring in the lineup besides Joe. They have all played very well in individual games and completely disappeared for long stretches.

Jones has efficiently scored 30 points in two home losses in which nobody else could throw it in the ocean. I just don’t see how reducing his minutes is the solution to a team that has limited scoring ability. I’d go with four-guard lineups when the seemingly inevitable long drought hits and play Jones at the four. I’d play the three guards who are playing the best in that game at the other three positions.

Yeah, they shot 20 FTAs in the second half, five more than we did the entire game. If you are getting calls every time you step in the lane and throw up a shot, why wouldn’t you keep doing it? If you get knocked on your butt without a call, why would you keep trying that? UK was allowed to be physical without fouls being called, which makes driving a less appealing and vtable option.

Riddle me this. Gafford shot 14 FGAs with 1 FTA. How is that possible? He played most of his minutes in the second half. Would you expect UK to be more or less dedicated to driving with him in or out of the game? They only shot 12 FTAs in the first half with him watching.

We don’t have anyone who is particularly expert at scoring off the dribble, but give them a fair chance and see how the game changes.