Free Throws Free Throws Free Throws

Outside Mason Jones we shoot less than 50%. A microcosm of the garbage product college basketball is these days.

Free throws cost us another game.

How can these players play all the travel ball and have the opportunity to shoot in million dollar practice facilities and still not make free throws? College basketball is about as boring as the NBA.

Poor coaching! From the time they start playing ball! It’s all over the country.
Yes this alone has been the cause of every loss this season and it was today.
Just as obvious as Gabe taking 3’s and giving possessions away.

This team could be undefeated if they would shoot free throws at a 70% average. I wouldn’t recruit players that shoot 50%.

They played hard against a pretty good team, but we’ve got to shoot better.

I would agree with that. And I’m assuming Joe, Sills, and Embery could shoot free throws in high school, I know all 3 were known for their good shooting. But man they can’t buy a free throw or a make a shot as of late. That’s freshmen for you.

Yes and yes.

These last 2 games, the team free throw shooting is so abysmal it actually would make one think it had to be intentional. It doesn’t even seem possible.

In our last 2 games, we lost one after being down 2 with 10 seconds left and the ball. We lost tonight in overtime. Here’s the free throw stats for those 2 games:

Jones - 20 of 22 - 91%

The rest of the team - 12 of 32 - 38%

38% over 2 games. Is that even possible for 8 D-1 scholarship basketball players? If those 8 guys just shoot 50% in each game we are undefeated in the SEC. Tonight’s game doesn’t go to OT.

Let’s put our cards on the table here about free throws…the reason our players can’t shoot free throws is because, except for Jones and Joe, our players are very poor shooters. A free throw is a 16 foot shot. Who on our squad can shoot that shot? Jones and Joe can, but Gafford, Bailey, Gabe and most everybody else cannot. It is a matter of shooting skill. We don’t have it. You can’t teach skill…you are born with it. By the time you get to college that shooting skill is pretty well set. A person might improve some, but to expect a bunch of guys who can’t shoot to learn to shoot…aint happenin’.

Your right poor coaching from the time they picked up a basketball until they graduated high school. I don’t recall a kid coming into college and becoming a better free throw shooter because it rarely happens. If your a college coach out on the recruiting trail you have to know how many of these sub par free throw shooters you can cover up on your squad ! I’ll guarantee you we will be in a game before this season is over where we will have a 10 pt or so lead on a good coached team and he will deploy the “Hack A Shaq”and steal the game from us !! By the way about the Gabe comment, would someone on the staff sitting on our bench, play Gabe and several others a videos tape of Dennis Rodman playing so they know you can play in the NBA without being a scorer. All you have to know is what your role is and do it well. I’m just not sure if his role has been defined clearly to him and if it hasn’t by the time the sun sets today then that’s all on our coaches period. Good post as always Army, hope your doing well ! WPS

Free throws–at home shouldn’t come down to that we all know what the problem is but u of a aint gonna address that. 3 more years pass cause so young I doubt if AD has any power to make a call on this at end of any year. we happy long as we rich !!!

Agree with most of your post, first and foremost is proper form then comes repetition, if you lack in either area you will fail more than likely, also you have the ones who become head cases and that’s tough to overcome. WPS