Free throws and help defense.

Are we opposed to both?

We seem to have no defense in the lane.

Would like to see some more zone with some length at the top of it.

Playing absolutely no defense whatsoever

Gafford might score 35 and we will lose by 20. This team has no idea how to play defense. Tough to watch.

What defense.
Keep Gabe on the bench. That would be a good start. Chaney needs to be on the floor.
Back to getting killed on the board.

CMA’s teams have never played fundamentally sound defense! His idea of defense is trying to wear the other team down and create turnovers, and if that isn’t working we are sunk. He has no idea how to adjust to what the other team is doing. Other teams just have a field day shooting wide open 3 pointers. Really tired of watching the same old game plan year after year. We’ll be lucky to win 3 or 4 conference games this year.

I was dissapointed in our D and giving up easy points.

I Joe and others did not seem to defend adequately at all.

We seem to want the other team to score so we can get the ball back on O quicker.

I have watched this team all year and believe their record would include at least 3 more wins had they, fouled Texas before they made a 3 point shot to tie up the game, made their free throws, and rebounded better on the desfensive end. And while Gafford is tall and athletic, he needs someone to help him develop his balance, footwork, and more inside offense. A jump hook, a soft jump shot, and using both hands would help, if he doesn’t dunk, get a layup, or put back a rebound, he has limited offensive moves. Free throws alone would have given them more wins.

To those of you that have access to practice sessions, I would be very interested in knowing if we have anyone who teaches technique etc. on free throw shooting and how many repetitions our players take on a given practice. If our starters just hit a reasonable percentage we would win alot of these close games,

Practicing and making FT’s in practice is a lot different that making them in games. Becomes psychological for some players.