Free throw shooting

Won this game for us. Got killed on boards, but offset it by creating what, 19 turnovers. But free throw shooting won this game for us. Best free throw shooting game of year. Against Florida, they have much better guards. We gotta rebound better.

I haven’t seen us shoot em that well in a long time.

Razor I know this is a long shot but I just hope we don’t switch every screen tomorrow against Florida. If so we will lose by double digits.

There is a reason you haven’t seen this type of performance at the free throw line! This is the best the entire team has shot the ball from the charity stripe all year long.
A win is a win but man the hogs looked bad at times.

I agree Army!
Good win, glad we won. But, the way they played and squandered big leads, I’m just having a hard time getting excited about it. Now we have to play Florida. We have lost 8 straight to Fl.
I hope these guys got enough bench rest tonight.

We won the game that we needed to win for seeding. If we beat Florida tomorrow, great. But we are probably locked into a six or a seven regardless of what happens this weekend. So I am not worried at all about the Florida game.

Remember that this same bunch of Chickens beat Florida in Gainesville. UF is certainly capable of playing poorly. There’s a reason their RPI is worse than ours. And what happened tonight has no bearing whatsoever on what happens against Florida, in either direction.

We need to beat Florida and keep winning and get this team more time together since losing Thomas and figure out who will fill his role the best. A win against the Gators would boost the confidence of this team down the stretch, to me Florida is the most important game of the year as its survive and advance time and we my as well start playing that way today. I know what you meant by your not worried about today’s game but every game we can get under the belt of our youth will pay dividends next year kind of like the extra practices for a football bowl game every little bit helps! Good morning, WPS

when we played florida last time, they were unconscious from the three. allen, who had been struggling lit us up. i guess being from north little rock put an edge on his game.

if we can keep florida from bombing us from beyond the arc and have respectable rebound numbers we have a chance. but they are hot. smoked kentucky in their last game. their guards are light years better than south carolinas. gotta stay in front of their point guard and not let him drive and dish. we hounded south carolinas guards which was a great coaching move by anderson. but i think he needs to use a different tactic against florida.

then remember, we cannot use it all up energy wise tonight in case we win. will probably play kentucky. macon to me looked like his legs were tired late in the game last night. gotta have legs to shoot.

gonna be interesting. and this would be a huge win for us if we can pull it out tonight.

I do like the young guys stepping up and growing before our eyes. But this team, for all its faults, has enough firepower to get to the second weekend of the tournament, and that is more important than playing two extra games this weekend. To win the remaining SEC games, the three senior guards have to play tons of minutes, and if those guys wear themselves out in St. Louis, the chances of us winning even the first game go down a lot.

It would be nice to beat Florida, since they’ve given us so much grief of late, but it’s kind of like the SEC baseball tournament, you have to keep your eyes on the real prize.

Last night’s game was definitely won at the FT line. We had the right guys shooting them.

Bingo. That is why we shot well.

Mike said after wards that he wanted to put in the young guys when we were up by 15 to see how they could handle it. He also said he wanted to see how his starters performed down the stretch when it was close. It’s almost as if Mike wants this team to play close games to get ready for the dance. I’m fine with that. These games don’t matter. the 2nd round game matters. Doing now whatever you have to do to win the 2nd round game is all I want.

Myself I had rather go into the tournament on a winning streak and momentum on my side, but’s thats just me. WPS

Adrio is only 60% for the season, but hit 5 of 6 last night. Normally he’s not one of the ones you’d want at the line, but last night he was nails.

North Carolina went 1-1 in the ACC tournament last year and then 6-0 in the Dance. What you do in the conference tournament has no correlation with how you do in the Dance. Of course Alabama had to get hot this week to have the slightest chance to get into the Dance, and they did so. But for the locks, meh.

USC completed their late-season slide by losing in the first round of the SECT last season. Didn’t lose again until the FF.

Fresh legs next week would be a good thing. I never want the Hogs to lose but I wouldn’t be too upset if they got to rest until they play next Thursday or Friday.

Whatever, win and keep winning is my therory, pull NC out of your back pocket to make it fit doesn’t mean anything. That’s just one instance, you show me the average for the long haul and I might buy into that theory. Let’s just win out in the Sec tourney and use it as a recruiting tool and then maybe add some wins in the Dance and make the recruiting even better. Lose tonight then losing the first game at the dance and you don’t have anything to hang your hat on other than your record. By your way if thinking we would have been better off to have lost last night if your worried about tired legs. WPS

I’ll take a moment here to express my amazement. I spent 15 years of my life writing for a living. I’m pretty sure I can get the points across I want to get across. Except on this board, where people continually have no clue what I’m trying to say. This thread is a prime example.

Who said anything about tired legs? I didn’t. I’m talking about your notion that we can build momentum for next week by winning this week. Baloney. Momentum cannot overcome foul trouble, or an off shooting night, or forgetting to play defense, or any of the hundreds of ways that a team, any team, can lose. To put it bluntly, your theory, sir, is crap. Want your proof? Here are your last 25 NCs with their conference tournament results. Only 11 of the 25 won their league tourney. None of the last four.

Year\tSchool\t Conference result
2017\tNorth Carolina\tLost, ACC semifinals
2016\tVillanova\t Lost, Big East finals
2015\tDuke \t Lost, ACC semifinals
2014\tUConn\t Lost, AAC finals
2013\tLouisville\t Won Big East
2012\tKentucky\t Lost, SEC finals
2011\tUConn\t Won Big East
2010\tDuke\t Won ACC
2009\tNorth Carolina\tLost, ACC semifinals
2008\tKansas\t Won Big 12
2007\tFlorida\t Won SEC
2006\tFlorida\t Won SEC
2005\tNorth Carolina\tLost, ACC semifinals
2004\tUConn\t Won Big East
2003\tSyracuse\t Lost, Big East semifinals
2002\tMaryland\t Lost, ACC semifinals
2001\tDuke\t Won ACC
2000\tMichigan State\tWon Big Ten
1999\tUConn\t Won Big East
1998\tKentucky\t Won SEC
1997\tArizona\t No tournament
1996\tKentucky\t Lost, SEC finals
1995\tUCLA\t No tournament
1994\tArkansas\t Lost, SEC semifinals
1993\tNorth Carolina\tLost, ACC finals

I don’t expect to convince you of anything though. I suspect the above list will be dismissed as “fake news”. Even though the team on the next to last line may be somewhat familiar.

Now having said that, let me forestall your next attempt to misunderstand me by stating for the record that I did not hope we lost to SoCar, or hope we lost to Florida, or hope we lose to Tennessee. We’re playing; I want to win. Not to build some ephemeral momentum, but just because we’re playing games this week that I want to win. Let’s win the tournament, heck. We’ll have at least four days, maybe 5, to get our legs back before the first round of the Dance.

Swine, I owe you a apology I made a post to you instead of the guy talking about the tired legs that was my mistake and I take full responsibility. As far as the fake news obviously what you posted was correct. The point I was trying to make was that we needed to win every game for several reasons and like you we have plenty of time to rest before entering the big Dance. Good morning, WPS