Free throw shooting is simple

If you struggle as a shooter, you will probably struggle at the line. Sure was obvious in the second half. Tough to watch.

Driving to the basket will get you to the line. Better make them.

I will say that Brandon Miller is good, but palms the ball (illegal) with most dribbles. They are not going to call that.

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20-29 FT’s a killer.

Rickey had a bad day at the line. T
he game winning points left at the FREE throw line

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Thats a better way to state the game today.
Maybe consider down me playing our Hogs
WE should have won this game.
Miller is good but the shaking his head is, well not good…

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so are 6 minute scoring droughts

that’s where the game was lost…along with all the missed FTs of course

super frustrating… just uggghhh

this team is so close but continues to shoot itself in both feet

oh well on to Tennessee

so disappointed right now… should have won that game dang it!

No scoring drought with made foul shots in that stretch.

True. I think we also missed the front end of 3 1 and 1’s. Just make the free throws and Bama would have been behind and fouling us! Bama keep getting the ball inbounds to Sears and we never denied him the ball.
Bad day flush it and move on. They just need to be grateful for the 8 or 9 seed on selection Sunday.

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Well we also missed a few point blank shots at the basket that would have made a difference.

Alabama missed a lot in the lane, too. But they nailed their free throws.

Alabama made 25 of 30 from line.



Definitely had our chance, our defense in the first half was very good, fell off early in the second half, so unlike at least one poster, I don’t believe it was fatigue. I suspect defenses worried about a high volume three point shooting team can get caught giving up something to prevent something, or maybe they thought the bigs would erase any mistakes. Regardless it looks like the early second half defense created a run that was hard to bounce back from.

None of the above negates a good game plan or the evidence that we can be a dangerous team. It was not our very best effort, but showed me a lot.

Game was lost by inadequacies in our free throws, PLUS Bama’s half time adjustment to defend our lucrative mid-range floaters and our seemingly lack of half time adjustment. Just my opinion

Yes, missed free throws the difference in the game, IMO. The missed bunnies didn’t help.

When you look at the stat sheet the made more 3’s, made the same number of shots form the field but the killer the free throws! Just simply poor! Out rebounded like a drum.
The hogs should have won!

Fred, your opinion is that Muss needed to adjust something at halftime up 9? Maybe adjust something during the second half. But at halftime, I thought what had been happening was good.

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I’d rather see the hogs get drilled than get beat when you can clearly see the root cause!

I have seen that called in NBA once in a while when it is too obvious, otherwise players get away with it in college and pros. Miller is good, but he has a low release on his jump shot. That might be an issue in NBA. On the other hand, he has a quick release and can get the shot off before the defender reacts.

That call - bringing it up to your hip and cocking your wrist with your back turned - was supposed to be a point of emphasis this year. Called a lot early. But it is ignored now.

FTs are free points. No one guarding you. When the bucket is not letting the ball through, or the other defense is suffocating you, that is the chance to get yourself “right.”

During that early run by Bama we needed one of our studs to step up and create a bucket. We had a bunch of bunnies - those little short shots under the goal - that didn’t go down. If only 2 go down we win, right? Getting 1-2 of those quiets the crowd and slows the run.

Black’s early foul trouble didn’t hurt in the 1st half but did in the 2nd half. He seemed to really have no fear penetrating with the ball. I think those misses or him go down sooner rather than later, too.

Losses are a bum deal, but I saw nothing that says we can’t play as deep as the last two years. Getting past that - gotta hit FTs and get some bunnies to fall. Maybe keep your fouls down just a touch.


It’s carrying the ball. I brought that up a few years back and now everybody does it!

I also don’t like all the sliding. The shoes I wore in HS didn’t let you slide like that.
What’s up with that?

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