Fred's favorite NFL QB is in the game now

I refer, of course, to Brandon Allen, who is in for mop-up duty at the end of the Bengals’ 41-17 win over the Ravens. Obviously Fred knows more about quarterbacks than NFL coaches do, though.

I know that few other SEC QBs have lost more SEC games than the Allen brothers, as good as QBs as they are. I have stated forever that Brandon is a good QB, and is my hero; however, we knew he was not likely to win SEC games.

Good for him in the pros. I wish him well.

I imagine he has pocketed a few NFL dollars.

I think he has made around 2-3 million so far.

Not shabby for five years.

Meanwhile, Joe Burrow’s suit today….

As Billy Joel once said. " You can’t dress this trashy unless you spend a lot of money".

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