Franks highlights

Guy has NFL arm and surprisingly good runner. Big but not a stiff. Major upgrade I think.

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I like getting Franks. Do we have receivers that can get separation?

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Maybe he will throw like Mallet, run like Matt Jones.

He’s no Matt Jones but I think he one of those long legged guys that covers a surprising amount of group (see the 80 yd run against TAMU in the highlights)

that will be the key,we seem to never run by any DB’s there is always tight coverage,we have to find a way to get seperation,if so Franks has an Elite arm and throws the deep ball as good as anybody,his problems in the past have been in decision making as it is with most QB’s.I think if he stays healthy he has a chance for very good year in the Briles system…looking forward to seeing how he does.

I am going to ask a dumb question. Why did Franks leave Florida?

Not a dumb question. A great one. Why leave the Gators? Afraid of Trask?

Didn’t he lose his starting job after the injury?

The injury ended his season. Hopefully he’s fully recovered.

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