Frankly amazed we are going to tournament

I personally think Vandy and MSU deserve more than us. We belong in Madison square garden against UNC in the NIT. Their fans have to be more frustrated than us.

This year proves how hard it is to put scream together. Lack of leadership. Sprinkle in Audese Toney and where is this team.

Maybe somebody will find a bug in that net ranking computer algorithm over the weekend and correct this horrible mistake. Put us out of our misery

Who cares what you guys think! I certainly don’t!!

Simmer down Jerry. Save some of that energy for next week. Hogs got tenth place in the SEC this year and you’re fixin to see them carry that momentum into March madness. Put them in the final four in your office bracket pool. Go wild. Muss teams always rally in February, I mean March, I mean the second half of March. WPS

That was good dogen. I’d love to eat crow I’ll say king, but this year is a puzzle. Incredible individual pieces but no team. The midrange stuff would not fall tonight.

You guys need to hold hands and hug! I’m really glad I can’t agree with you!! So very glad!

Jerry, I love you, man. You always try to stay, positive, but even you would have to admit watching the same movie over and over again gets old.

3 things I loved about Coach that Muss doesn’t do…
His defenses were multiple. We actually played zone and could even press out of it.
If a timeout needed to be called, he called it.
We played a lot of guys. These kids are tired.

To me, Muss can be stubborn to a fault. Arkansas is not an NBA franchise.

I’ll sing and they can sway as they hug.

Yes, I do agree with you Jeremy. I wish Muss had a little more Coach influence. I wonder if? Never mind.

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Trust me, I get it.

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