Franklins catch

Anyone have video of it?

That was insane!! Unbelievable

One negative abt streamed games, can’t record or get highlights. I knw you can watch the game again on the app so that’s useful.

Go to espn watch, look up game and you can watch or move ahead in game where ever you want to.

The highlights are on youtube ,Its on there.

I had a terrible time watching the game on Spectrum. After the 4th inning my computer would freeze up and I missed 6 home runs. But we won!!!

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I looked on utube for Franklins catch, and couldn’t fine it, I just watch the game on espn watch. lol only till the 4th though!

No its on youtube Highlights!,its about as soon as Kopps comes in and guy hits that line drive to CF and he outran it and caiught it.

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Thats not true, I record many streaming games from ESPN3. Generally I watch the game and if I decide its one I want to keep, I’ll open up the replay and record it.

Most computers have the ability to screen capture. Most people think this is just a screen shot, but many graphic cards allow it to record a stream as well. For me I can start the recording at the beginning and then stop it at the end.

Couple of catches here. ESPN3 has some crazy way to interrupt this if you have things open to full screen. Yet to track down how, but working on that one. So open it in a window thats just almost full screen and keep your curser showing in some out of the way corner. That seems to defeat the ESPN3 protection.

Next catch is you must have plenty of space. for me recording a live stream like that for about 3 hours eats up about 50-60 GB of space. I mean its watchable and all, but if you keep many games you run outta space fast. So I run it through some software called Handbrake and re-encode it and I can reduce it to a much more friendly 4-6GB and as far as I’m concerned the playback is still very good.

So to re-iterate… screen capture (if yours doesn’t grab a stream, there is some really good free software out there that will) then play it at your leisure. If its too big, I’d recommend Handbrake to shrink it.

If you wish to know more, feel free to mail me and we can chat about it. Its kinda tricky at first, but it really is pretty easy.

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Bet, I’ll check it out.

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Hey I appreciate the info bud!! I screenshot ur post as well. I will definitely look into it. And yeah you prolly get a msg from me to.

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Here are the highlights from the game. The link is set to start with Franklin’s catch.


Thanks for this great link.

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How are you recording the audio? I have been using the built in mic to record the audio, but it sounds muffled as compared to the audio from the original stream. As expected I guess, since the mic is grabbing audio out of the ether.

I run everything through my gaming graphic card. Its connected via HDMI to a HD monitor so the sound is pumped into the screen digitally with the video. So I have no need to use a mic to pick up audio.

I will admit I do have a high end gaming system with some really powerful dual graphic cards.
Nvidia GeForce GTX 1080 - those were cutting edge when I built this system… getting outdated a bit now but still handles my online gaming and live streaming like a champ.

Yes, I’d say that was our best outfield catch this season - and really at a crucial time and situation in the game. And did you notice how Franklin just jumped up and trotted into the dugout. Just a routine play for the young man. Another I wish had one more season on the Hill.


Yes, He’s such a pro, go back and look at that great catch in Tennessee when he pops up after making that great catch and fires a shot into second base. Always thinking one step ahead.

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The #2 top ten play was a center field catch I believe by Michigan, not near a catch Franklin made, guess we gotta share the room on top ten.

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