Franklin’s grand slam

Is there a video of it or Kjerstad home runs?

It was on the 10 o’clock news.

Not that I can find. Moved to the baseball board from football BTW.

Ok thx!

Ok thx!

The announcers wondered out load that they thought it was interesting that Franklin was leading the Hogs in rbis from the 9 hole…I thought it was funny that their catcher’s bomb over the left field wall also batted #9.

If a player is good enough to play at either Arkansas or Texas they are fully capable of hitting home runs! Franklin will play a key role this year for our hogs he’s a player.
I also think Nesbit has played well. The freshmen class as a whole has performed.
Washington in his limited plate appearances has made an impact as well.
Once Franklin starts hiting the soft stuff he will be tough to get out! Once he makes contact he can flat run!
There’s a lot of young talent on the hogs roster this year!

It will interesting to see how much of that highly rated '20 class makes it to campus but putting it together with this young team will really be scary for the SEC next year.

Here you go, full highlights.


You the man!! Thx bud!!

Announcers only got excited when UT did something. :rofl::rofl::rofl: