Franklin out of lineup today

He has strep throat.

Wow, that’s not good if it starts going around the team.

Dang it. Seems like he would be out for the whole weekend. Hope it’s not going to pass to other team mates. Wonder who gets plugged into CF?

Webb will start.

Yep. Not looking good going into this series. Strep isn’t something to mess with.

Strep throat is normally self limiting, but treatment (i.e., antibiotics) doesn’t speed up the timetable much. It’s 3-7 days. We don’t know when it began so we don’t know when that clock started running.

Took me 3 days of pure Hell to get rid of it…

I have had strep four or five times in my life. I asked my doctor once if there was a reason I kept getting it. It was rough every time.

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I caught it at Branson when I took my 9 year old daughter upon returning from Iraq. It was horrible for me but I toughed it out for her sake. Finally stopped in Mountain View clinic on the way home as I had not ate anything for a couple of days. Got antibiotics and laid up for a few days. :mask:

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