Franklin and Optiz!!! Big hits come thru!

Can’t overlook Franklins tying HR to tie it up and then Opitz comes thru with the walk off big hit!
Noland pitched a great game, Denton did well and more importantly, Trest held em in the top of the 10th to set up the offense to come thru with the win!

I was afraid all those runners LOB were going to come back to haunt us. Fortunately, some unlikely heroes came through in the end. You mentioned Franklin & Opitz. They were clutch. Franklin seems to be getting that early season stride back. Opitz has been steady & done well, but that hit was huge.

Don’t forget how important Trest was. Cronin didn’t need to throw any more.

Cronnin needs to work on a changeup and the curve ball to keep batters honest. They are all going to the plate looking for old #1 and they are ambushing it!
The big clutch hits have been coming from all the spots in the batting order and from different players at the right moments!
Franklin is getting hot again and Optiz made the swing in a hitters count and put it in the grass! I’m just glad the hogs got the sweep!